October 6, 2007

Whatever and Ever

Wow, so yesterday was a ton of fun! We drove out to Ann Arbor to see our friends Vinod and Emily. Had a great lunch at our favorite restaurant, Seva's, which is a vegetarian place that makes incredible tempeh and yam fries. YUM! During lunch, V&E informed us that one of our favorite shopping places had closed! It used to be just minutes from Seva, so we were very upset. But the good news was that it just moved, but we would have to drive. Luckily, they had googled and had a map and everything. JOY!

So off we went to Wizzywig, which was now located way outside of downtown in a little mall. Wizzywig has a huge selection of some of my favorite things: rare Japanese toys and candy. We found many cute things, and I had a hard time deciding, but I made some purchases for me and my brother, and Chuck got some candy too. I will blog about my goodies tomorrow maybe.

Then we drove back to the Seva's parking lot, and walked around downtown a bit. Emily wanted to look for some shoes, but good environmentally responsible, non leather, crunchy type shoes. So we found Footprints and looked around. I am really not a *shoe* person, the way some women go nuts for shoes. I only own a few pairs to suit various occasions. A pair of tennies, some comfy brown casual shoes, some black dressy shoes, some sandals. That's about the extent of my shoe collection. There were some Dang cute shoes at this place though, but also rather expensive, so I didn't even try anything on. And I can't talk about shoes without showing the Kelly Shoes video. LOVE THIS! But it is NOT WORK SAFE, or child safe, unless you have the type of work or child that can appreciate a man in drag screaming the *F-word* repeatedly. You have been warned:

So the shoe place was on Main street, which we rarely walk to when in A2, since Wizzywig was the other direction. To our surprise, next to Footprints, was the Vault of Midnight, a store full of comics, graphic novels, games, and cool vinyl toys and figures. Did I mention that I was with three sci-fi fantasy illustrators? A dangerous place! So we spent a good amount of time there, as it was a giant place. It is fun to see the three of them get excited about illustration, to see what they are all into. I appreciate it all differently, but it is fun to hear those who work with line and ink and paint talk about it. I guess it is like when I am with my bead and clay people, how we talk about the details of our materials.

So that was a full day in A2. We said our good byes, got some coffee and took the long trip home. Usually it is about 45 minutes, but we were in exactly the wrong time, Friday rush hour in metro Detroit. Highly unpleasant. By the time we got home we were tired. We managed to eek out a little work time, and then in the spirit of the comics we saw at the Vault, we watched the documentary we had from Netflix about R. Crumb. That was pretty regrettable actually, because it was heavily depressing. The Crumb family is a dark glimpse into the world of abnormal human psychology. Those Crumb men are some pretty messed up humans *shudder*.

So anyway, I have another video today. Ben Folds Five, "The Battle of Who Could Care Less". We listened to the Ben Folds album on the ride home, and this is my favorite song by them. And it reminds me of V&E...ONLY because of one line, which is a genius line, and only because I know Vinod worked at the Franklin Mint, and how many songs mention the Mint? It is not because I think they are slackers in any way, like the song implies, lol. I don't know many people like that to be honest, but I know *of* them. Here's the lyric and the video:

"I've got this great idea

Why don't we pitch it to the Franklin *effing* Mint

Fine pewter portraits of

General Apathy and Major Boredom singing...

Whatever and ever Amen"

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  1. My husband, who has a degree from U. of M and is a vegetarian, loves Seva's! Sounds like a great shopping day, too. Can't wait to see the Japanese goodies.

  2. OH! Have you ever been there? I forget if you lived in Michigan for a while or if it was just your hubby.

  3. Well, I was 4 when we lived in Ann Arbor, so I don't remember much except the playground near my house. Really, it's just the Husband who has relevant memories - would love to visit there some time again, though.

  4. I wiki for Tempeh, even :)))

    That Crumb movie was sooo wrong !!!
    That Lynch shetbag need a betchslap..

  5. lol! You sound like Kelly!

    Yeah that movie was the stuff of nightmares!