October 1, 2007

Wake me up...

So September ends and October begins. I love October because is starts to really get Autumnal here, and I love everything about that. I am also fascinated by October because of Halloween...even though it is at the end of the month, it seems we spend all month thinking about it and planning for it. Halloween is fascinating because it is a time that we celebrate some of the things in the human experience that we usually consider negative, things like death and fear. I am going to spend some time this month thinking about Fear and also the traditions of Halloween.

Murano glass heart beads with gold foil and millefiori pieces from Venetian Bead Shop

Speaking of Fear, I woke up from a nightmare last night. It was very involved, but the thing that woke me up was a vision of a terrifying creature crawling across my bedroom wall. The creature was a sort of snail, or maybe more like a geoduck clam (which I find to be very scary, especially since it is considered a culinary delicacy!) I am a little scared of creatures with hard shells like snails and turtles. I don't know why. Anyway, this snail creature had a geoduck like shell that looked like it was made from Murano glass, kind of like the beads above, but with silver foil instead of gold. Murano glass instills in me an unexpected fear as well, or more likely an irrational disdain. That is another story...the story of how I met Lauren, which I promise to tell later this week.

So this strange glass shell backed creature was climbing my walls at an alarming pace for a snail. Very fast actually. I ran from it and hid in the bath tub, which became the tub and bathroom from our first apartment (in itself a scary place). I was content in hiding from the snail until Zoey entered and was attacked by the snail! I had to take action and confront it, spraying it with a bottle of rubbing alcohol that was near, and disabling it. Then I woke up. I was in a cold sweat and scared. I had a hard time falling back to sleep after that.

To counter act the scary snail image, here is a video from the film Microcosmos, of two snails reproducing. It is strange and erotic, and is a reminder of the incredible beauty of nature, even in the details we rarely see with our own eyes.

Last night I took the night off from bead making. I had been stringing all day for my magazine submissions and needed a bead break. Today is a full day of shipping and glazing, so I took time off last night to play. I think I have my Fairy feather skirt almost finished! I am really happy with it. Perhaps I will take a picture soon...

Today, I bring you TWO videos! This one is "Wake Me Up When September Ends" by Green Day, set to scenes from Cinderella. I love the scenes when her elegant ball gown is being made, when the birds and the mice help make it. Very Magical!

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