October 23, 2007

That buildings so tall and it makes me feel so small

Just a quick post today I am running off to meet a friend for breakfast. Here are some pictures of the crazy mosaic encrusted stairwell at the Clay Studio in Philly where my brother Jeremy is a resident. It is so very much! Overwhelming.
Bits of clay and found objects and mirrors everywhere, and day glow paint! I don't know the artists name who did this, I will have to look it up later. But I guess there are several works around the city by the same artist.

The Clay Studio was huge! The gallery recently doubled in size and they had an excellent exhibit/silent auction going on, with really incredible ceramic works by leading artists.
We got to tour the whole place, meet up with Jeff, the artistic director, who is originally from Michigan, and who I knew a little from our local clay scene.Here is Jeremy and me in his studio, a well organized little space with a window overlooking the oldest street in the country, he told me, and the Ben Franklin bridge, I think. Here he is showing me some new mold experiments he is working on for a new series of work.

Check out the Clay Studio website and Jeremy's Page there as well!

It looks like he is adjusting to city life well! After living in very small towns for the last few years, it is good to see him in a place with more life and stuff going on. It suits him well, I think. You know, there was a moment, right after high school, where I considered going to college in Philly. I had been accepted to the Art Institute of Philadelphia, and we even flew out to check out the school. I ended up choosing the local art school here in Detroit, College for Creative Studies, where I ended up getting my degree. I also met Chuck here my first semester. It's weird to think about the changes in ones life and how various decisions would have altered one's current path. Things would have been really different if I moved to Philly. I am glad I stayed here.

I don't know if this link will work, but here is the song I am thinking of today. "Bow Down" by the Housemartins. When I go to a city, I usually sing the first verse:

Mother, father, I think that I would rather

Stay at home with you for another year

That buildings so tall and it makes me feel so small

That I might get lost and simply disappear

The HousemartinsBow Down


  1. it looks so Gaudi!!! am I correct?

  2. It does look a bit like Gaudi. But much more urban with some graffiti elements mixed in there...