October 22, 2007

Sugar, Scary Things, and Beads!

I would like to announce that Rachel of Fancy Pants is the winner of the Scary Movie Moment bead giveaway! YAY! I am familiar with Rachel's wide range of work. She not only makes beautiful glass beads and jewelry, but she also works in sugar. The bats above are called Sugar Toppers, and they are made of fondant. You can buy them from her and use them to make your cakes and cupcakes extra fancy! Isn't that a great idea? I always wanted to be a pastry chef...I think fondant and icing and marzipan are very similar to porcelain. Check out her Flickr photos and her Etsy Shop! Rachel, contact me with your address and I will send you your bead goodies. And I will have to send some extra cupcake charms for you too!

Below is Rachel's scary movie pick..Prince of Darkness by John Carpenter. It looks hella scary! I am really jonesing some scary movies, but have been too lazy to put them on the Netflix que. So I am scouring the TV channels at night, but alas, nothing yet. Perhaps this week they will start playing the scary ones. I actually really like this "100 scariest movie moments countdown" thing I have seen, maybe on AMC? It shows little clips and plot reviews of a bunch of movies. That's usually scary enough for me. Then I don't have to sit through hours of horror movie plot (or lack thereof) and just get to the scary parts. Anyway, I ended up watching the first Harry Potter last night. Spooky, yes, but not the kind of scary I was hoping for.

Thinking of scary movies and Halloween has made me feel very creative lately. I have this huge list of new Spookyheads I want to make. My timing is really off here, I should have been thinking of Halloween a couple of months ago, but what can you do? I celebrate it all year round, and don't seem to have a problem selling Halloween themed items in summer, winter, whenever. I am excited to work on more of them tonight! They are fun because I have to take an idea, like the Dracula I made last night, and reduce it down to just a few tool strokes. It makes me really have to be creative. I look forward to showing them, hopefully before Halloween!


  1. Woo-hoo! Congratulations, Rachel! (I'd like a little of your good Halloween karma, please!) Thanks, Melanie - this was a fun contest.

  2. I can't believe I won. Yippee. I must say I am not normally this lucky maybe I should book a flight to Vegas. I could not be happier to win such cool beads. Thank you for the super sweet words about my Sugar Toppers too. =)