October 4, 2007

Sorta Fairy

I was reminded of this book, Fairie-ality, by Kate McKinnon when in Chicago. Thanks Kate, it gave me some great ideas!

Oh my! There is just a little over a week until we leave for Faerie Con! I am very excited! I have much work to do before then, as my customers come first of course, and I want to get the current orders out before I leave. Looks good so far. I didn't think I would have time to work on a costume, but I have made some progress. Once I started the skirt, it was all over. I have to finish now!

Sorry, this picture probably doesn't show it very well, I will have to wear it and have Chuck take a picture. The base of the skirt was a grey, knitted, stretchy sort of slinky skirt that I had in my closet and never wore. It had been long, down to my ankles, and I cut it to the knee. The feathery pieces are scraps of remnant fabric from left over sewing projects, mostly woolly and tweedy knits. I cut them into feather shapes and sent them through the wash, giving them a lovely worn, weathered effect. Then I hand sewed them to the base skirt.

My way cute over the knee striped socks came in from Sock Dreams in record time! I love them! I was a bit puzzled by the shoes. I wanted something comfy and functional and didn't really want to spend any money. So I simply sewed some of the feathery bits to a pair of brown leather shoes from the closet. Just a couple of stitches did the trick, so I can undo them and still wear my shoes if I want.

The top will be the tricky part, but I think I will simply add some feathery bits to a brown t-shirt. I think I will just have to play around with that and respond to materials. I also have arm warmers in grey, and I stitched feathers around the top of the arm band. I ran out though, so I only have one done so far. Maybe I can complete the other tonight. My other plans are a pair of simple hair ties with ribbons and feathers for my pigtails. And embellishing and cutting up a brown fleece cape to be more wing like. I don't think I can figure out the cool wire wings this time around. Oh, and I will probably make some crazy elaborate necklace, with my beads, of course! I had thought I wanted a tiara, but that might be over doing it, lol!
The video today is "Sorta Fairytale" by Tori Amos, which is more than sorta creepy! Love this song though, and the video is a little of how I feel, like a sorta fairy, with just parts and pieces of my costume ready.



  1. Melanie, this is too, too cool! I can't wait to see the finished costume! Do you really need the other armband? I think the asymmetrical look would be good, too!

  2. Hey thanks! I love it! And it is so comfy that every time I try it on, I find myself just hanging around the house in it. *blush*

    Hmmm, I am such a symmetrical person, I think the one arm would bug me. And I should clarify, it is more than just a band, it is a full arm warmer with cut out fingers. It comes up to my elbow. So I feel I need two.

    Actually just an elastic band for my arm probably would have been smarter and easier, lol!

  3. Believe it or not, Cynthia and I haven't started our Faerir costumes yet. Greg is the only one almost finished. We only have one day set aside for our costumes. We'll see how things come together.

  4. Oh No! You haven't started yet? Yeah, I suppose if I had to actually do the show and not just attend, that would eat up all my time too. I am sure you guys will pull something magical off though! Maybe you have some things already under your nose...

    I really had nothing costume worthy around here, except for some dumb drug store cat ears and maybe some face paint. That's what I usually throw on minutes before the little ones arrive on Haloween for tricks or treats....lame.

  5. you are going to look great!!!

  6. How cute! You'll have such a great time!

  7. the skirt is perfect - please post finished snapshots of the whole outfit.