October 7, 2007

So sweet, you make my mouth water...

Candy Corn seasonal porcelain Snack Charms...I don't have these on the website, so just contact me if you are interested...I only make them this time of year, usually.

I am a huge candy freak. Huge. It is almost embarrassing the extent of my love for candy. I have always wanted to do some candy reviews and descriptions on my blog, like they do on two awesome blogs I read: Candy Blog and Candy Addict. So I figure I will start now with one of my favorite candies that I recently purchased at Wizzywig.

Unfortunately, I don't know the name of this Candy really, as it is all in Japanese. On the Wizzywig site they call it NeruNeru Pineapple, so maybe that is the name. It is by the company Kanebo. One of my favorite things is the packaging, it is so cute and colorful. I love trying to translate what the candy type is just by the clues on the packaging. This package for example, shows a couple of pineapples dancing around, so you know that will be the flavor. And you see a fluffy cotton candy or cloud like character and some sprinkles, so that gives you an idea of the textures. There is also a little fluffy guy poking out of a circle with the letters CA, and I don't know what that is about...probably showing that this product is calcium rich, lol! There *is*calcium carbonate in it, I see from the ingredients list.

And speaking of packaging and ingredients, let me just say that I recognize that this candy is really at odds with everything I believe in with the way I live my life. I really try to eat more natural foods and this is full of unknown Japanese chemicals, I am sure. And as an environmentalist, it is horribly packaged, full of plastic. I know these things, and yet I cannot resist. These are a very once in a while treat for me, very rare. Just to get past those things...I realize the conflict here...Now onto describing the candy. I think the Japanese commercial will illustrate best how this candy is to be made and eaten. you see, there is a bit of work that comes along with it:

I love Japanese candy more than US or European candies because of the unusual range of flavors and textures, some of which I have never experienced in US candy. This candy is very true to that form. Once the two powders and water are mixed together, this small tub of foam is produced. The texture is thick and smooth, sort of like marshmallow fluff. But it is strongly pineapple flavored and scented, the smell actually fills the room rather quickly. It is sweet and sour at the same time, like Sour Patch Kids, but at the point where the sweet and sour collide. It is also slightly fizzy, like soda pop, because of the baking soda in the ingredients list.

So the foam is shovelled out with the little plastic scoop, and dipped into the little sprinkles. These sprinkles are sort of like ice cream sprinkles (or jimmies) but are very small and fine and really crunchy. The combination of the soft sour pineappley foam and the sweet crunchy sprinkles together is delightful! It is a very small portion, so it is actually pretty ridiculous to have all the packaging and labor to create a few bites of candy, but what can I say, I love it!
YUM...YUM...YUM (3 out of 3 YUMS!)
A testament to my love of (mostly) Japanese candy I have eaten over the years, this huge poster collage hangs in my studio, above my photo area. I have enough packages to make another poster someday, I am also embarrassed to say...
And the video of the day. Yes, of course, it is "I want Candy" by Bow Wow Wow, set to decadent scenes from the film Marie Antoinette


  1. I love Japanese mochi - the sweet red bean filled pastries. Oooh, love all of that packaging. It would be interesting to cut a few wrappers up and sink them in resin for pendants or beads.

  2. ooh, I haven't tried many of the pastries. They have some at the Sushi store I shop at locally. I have to be careful about the tree nuts, because of my allergies, so I usually stick with non chocolatey and non pastry snacks :(

    I could make some really cute beads or accessories with my wrappers! I bought some cigar boxes to make little candy plastered handbags once, but have never gotten around to it...

  3. I just threw out a bag of packaging from Japanese snacks/candies, thinking it was ridiculous that I was holding onto them just for the packaging... Glad I'm not the only one!

  4. Anytime you want to do a guest review at Candy Addict, just let me know!


    (oh - and I have saved ALL candy packaging since I started the site 2 years ago - that's a lot of packaging) - great idea with the poster!

  5. that was so fun! it reminds me of bonamo turkish taffy!

  6. Brian,
    Thanks for stopping by. I adore your blog! I would love to write more about candy. Thanks for teh offer...

    Wow that's a lot of candy packaging! I only save the cutest, strangest stuff. Sometimes that is the reason why I but the candy!

  7. Stephanie,
    groan, I have a box of wrappers under my desk here. I think another poster should happen soon. I should really get crafting with them...

    I have never heard of that taffy! I will have to look it up...