October 21, 2007

She holds you captivated in her palm...

One of my favorite things that I thought of for Faeire Con was to start my own "fan-girl" book. Chuck has one and calls it his Fan Boy book. The book is for gathering signatures, and hopefully sketches, from my favorite artists. I have wanted to have one for previous Gen Cons, but never got around to it. My brother had given me this little book, handcrafted from a local artist, years ago. It is small, easily transported, but beautiful and has an old world, archival look to it. Its perfect!

I decided to call it my Book of Winged Things, and encourage artists to give me a quick sketch of anything with wings. I figured that gives a lot of range, and it can include faeries, dragons, birds, magical creatures, or whatever else they might fancy! Chuck broke it in with the title page for me. Sorry, most of these sketches are in pencil or light pen, so they might be a little tricky to make out.
I wanted to start out big, so I wandered around the show for a while, and finally got up the nerve to approach Brian Froud, who obliged with a quick sketch for me. *squee!* I babbled incoherently for a few minutes while he sketched. I don't even remember what I said but I just kept blabbering. I am sure he is used to that. Next I got a quick siggy from Wendy Froud, but no sketch. I spoke more coherently with her, as we had something in common...we went to the same college here in Detroit. We knew even one of the same teachers, even though at least a decade separated us at school. She only had a few seconds before being whisked away.

Next is a great little elf like guy from French artist Jean-Baptiste Monge. I bought a few cards and a print from him and the other French artists at his booth. They were very kind, but we didn't speak much because there was a bit of a language barrier.

Next is the fabulous Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, whose work I have adored for a while. I have two of her fox prints overlooking my computer where I write this. I gave her one of my porcelain face stones in thanks.

Here I am with the amazing Kinuko Craft. She was a joy to watch as she sketched. She was doing a more elaborate sketch for the lades in front of me, all in gold and silver marker. She carefully placed metallic dots all around the page for shooting stars, and her husband spoke warmly with all of us standing in line. They are very sweet, and she is one of my favorite illustrators. I bought a book of her collected works called Heroines in Literature, which is perfect for the research I have been doing lately. I talked with her about that a little bit.

Here is the sketch by Kinuko Craft.

Just as we were heading out, Donato Giancola seemed to be having a quiet moment in his booth, so I asked him for a sketch. He pulled out a red pencil, sharpened it up, and gave me this great dragon! Chuck had spent some time in Donato's booth during the show, talking with him. If you recall, last year (2006) at Gen Con, Chuck won a juror's choice award, and Donato was the juror who awarded it to him.

And finally, Chuck finished out my Faerie Con sketches with a saucy little faerie, in a bird's eye view with her little faerie nipples popping out. Sassy!

Today's song and video is "Suddenly I See" by KT Tunstall, which I believe is a song she wrote about one of her artistic mentors, Patti Smith. Faerie Con was about meeting some or our mentors, so I think it is a good song for today...


  1. Melanie: What are you going to do for the cover? There are so many things! My mind is reeling with the possibilities!

    Inkingly, Robin

  2. What a gorgeous idea - I love it!

  3. Robin,
    I don't know, I am hesitant to do anything to it. The wood is really beautifully grained and finished. I feel it is the way the artist intended it to be.

    That said, I did plan to make a sort of strap or tie for it. Like how you see kids tie their books and carry them for school back in the day? I wanted to be able to attach it to a belt or something. But I didn't get around to it and found a bag it fit in perfectly, so there it is...

    I was imagining the strap would be this really great ornate renaissance ribbon Chuck bought for me, and using one of my face stones or big buttons to secure it...

  4. Maybe what you can do is to create a strap that can go across your shoulder, then near the book sew it. Then create another "wrap" around the book itself to keep it closed and create the closure you were talking about with one of your pieces. Where did you get the book anyway? Inquiring minds want to know! :-)

  5. this is fabulous!what a dream of a book! exquisite and beautiful and a treasure!

  6. Robin, Thats a good idea for an over the shoulder strap! I was thinking of attaching to a belt, but I never wear a belt, and that would be uncomfortable. Thanks!

    My brother gave me the book a few years ago and he bought it from an artist he went to school with. Sorry, I don't know the name! I love it.