October 31, 2007

The push I needed...

Just as I finished my last post about having the new Spookyheads on the site *soon* I opened my email and found that my Punkin bead was shown in a quick zipper pull project in Beading Daily. Since I may find a few new visitors to that page, I guess it was the push I needed to add the new beads, so here they are! I had fun picking out names for the new beads. I wanted most to end in -y or -ie. Cuz it's cute I guess. Some might even have people asking ??? but hey, that's fun too!

I didn't get the day of the dead skulls yet because the series isn't complete. There are still a few to add, but this is a good start, eh?


  1. LOL,thanks! That guy looked a bit evil before glazing, but I think he is cute now.