October 5, 2007

Ode to Illo Day

Just a quick post today. We are off to Ann Arbor, to meet some friends Vinod and Emily. They are another married artist couple. Check out their works, they are great! Both work in the sci-fi fantasy realm. Here is Vinod's website and here is Emily's website. I am always fascinated by other couples who are both artists, like Chuck and I. It has its own set of rewards and difficulties, I think, so it is good to talk with others in the same situation. Fortunately, Chuck and I work in such totally different media. I think working in the same media, doing the same shows, competing for the same money, could be really difficult. But perhaps in some ways it is easier. I wonder...

Check it out! It is one of the first of four of Chuck's cards for Magic the Gathering! It has been crazy, because he did these like a year ago, and they have been super top secret until now. So we can finally show them and talk about it! Here are the other three that I found on the Magic site:

Chuck's Magic card #1

Chuck's Magic card #2

I wish I knew more about the game, but alas, I have never played. It has been in my life forever though. My brother used to play with his friends. Maybe even before I met Chuck, I can't recall. That is a long time ago. Anyway, from what I understand, this is a new edition called Lorwyn, and it is sort of fairy land based, so there are more fairies and creatures that you would find in such a place. The cards I have seen are quite beautiful (not just Chuck's, but many of his fellow illustrators) so it is exciting to be a tiny part of it. Here is a little commercial video preview for Lorwyn:

Must get going now. I have to get a special shipment out today and then its off to Ann Arbor!


  1. my oldest and third sons play magic--the secnd one used t play dungens and dragons withhis older bro. My oldest collects comic books--only ver good ones! i can't wait to show this to him. congratulations!


  2. Hey cool! I am proud of him! He did some D&D black and whites a few years ago too. We like comics but don't collect them really. Chuck has been sort of writing a top secret one forever. I don't even know what it is about, jsut bits and pieces.