October 3, 2007

Monkey-ing around

Yesterday was a fun day. I was able to get some shipping done in the morning...9 packages! So I felt pretty caught up and wanted a little treat. Chuck and I went to Noodles for late lunch and then to the book store to just shop around. He splurged on a bargain Samurai book and the new Harry Potter on audio. I got a copy of Faerie magazine, which I have been looking for lately. There is some great stuff in it and I am excited to look at some of the websites advertised in it.
Hey, here are the new monkeys I made last month. Did I show them yet? I had made the ones below a few months ago and these above are a new version. Which do you like better? I like parts from each!
Today's post is quick...I am going out for fun again today! This time to meet my buddy Diane Hawkey for coffee. She makes ceramic beads too...and monkey beads too! Here is a wee little picture of her monkeys. Love the one with the fez!
Shhh...don't tell her yet! I got my order of socks for my fairy costume from Sock Dreams, and I got her these as a present, because I think she needs a little goodie. Aren't they adorable!
Today's video is Jack Johnson and Curious George. I liked the Curious books when I was little. I liked monkeys a lot and had a bunch of stuffed toys in all sorts of monkey styles. I meant to see the movie or at least get the JJ soundtrack, but I never have. I guess I am a bit afraid it will be too juvenile. I love me some JJ though...


  1. Run! Do not walk, to get the Curious George soundtrack! It is on an endless loop at our house along with the movie!!! Sweet but not too juvenile.

    I like the bottom two best (they do look a bit more work intensive) but the addition of the bow ROCKS!

  2. I like the little girl monkey with the bow, too - so cute!

  3. Wow, an energetic review for Curious George! I will have to check it out...I do love JJ!

    So definately the bow is in, huh? I think I need to do one more round of these to combine the things I like from each...