October 7, 2007

Melody Kawaii!

I mentioned yesterday that we went to Wizzywig in Ann Arbor and I got some goodies for myself. I have always loved Japanese kawaii things! The picture above is of two of the things I bought. Under my hand is a set of stationery, envelopes and paper, with a sassy Hello Kitty devil that I have never seen! So cute! They say "Grumpy" and "Cheeky" on them and "There's something in the air tonight". How perfect for Halloween time! They are really adorable! I don't buy a lot of HK anymore, because I have so much, and I am more drawn to the San-X characters in recent years, because they are a little more sassy. But this shopping trip was a trip into classic Sanrio.

Speaking of Classic Sanrio, you can also see in the top pic two rubbery rings I bought. They came in pairs in a box with a little bag of candy. I was overjoyed to see my favorite character from my youth, My Melody! I don't find her very often at all. Except they came out with a bunch of things a few years ago but she was wearing red, which I didn't like, and her ears were really rigid and pointed up, and I like how the pink ones are soft and floppy. I know, I have really specific needs for my kawaii don't I? Anyway, I was thrilled to see these new items and I learned that she has a bunch of characters that are relatively new, as far as I know, like Kuromi, who is on the other ring in the picture, and is a rabbit like jester type who is My Melody's rival. OMG how cute! There is a tv series and a video game about them all, that came out in the last two years, but probably still only available in Japan. I will have to look...

While we are on classic Sanrio, here is some old school, vintage My Melody. My pencil case from fourth grade. I remember having it in Mr. Dittmann's class. It was obviously a prized possession, because it is still in really good shape, and I think it is the oldest Sanrio item I still own from back in the day.

Hmmm....are there any similarities between my love for kawaii things and my work today? Golly, I wonder...

The video today is the opening sequence and credits to the My Melody show. I think my favorite parts of these Japanese tv series are the openings. They are always so entertaining and the music so lively!


  1. Too kawaii!! My favorite is Badtz Maru - he's such a sullen little penguin. By the way, I love Chuck's MTG cards. I was going to leave a comment when you posted them, but the links weren't working back then, and then other stuff came up... They look really great!

  2. Oh I like Badtz too! My brother likes him, I think they market that line for boys a little more.

    And thanks for the compliments on Chucks cards. I like them too! There are even more cool ones around here but they are still super secret!

  3. I love Kawaii! I bought SO much stuff when I lived in Korea in the early 90s and then when visiting Japan eight years later -- it's so much fun!

    I love Badtz, too!

  4. Hey Lori!
    Wow, you lived in Korea? How cool! And have been to Japan. I have only been out of the courty to Canada, and that's only becaus ewe are right next door. I feel so sheltered!