October 26, 2007


'Did I request thee, Maker from my clay
To mould Me man? Did I solicit thee
From darkness to promote me?'
John Milton's Paradise Lost.

I found the above quote from Paradise Lost on the Frankenstein Wikipedia page. It is related because it is in the epigraph to the Mary Shelley novel, apparently. Sort of linking the creation of Adam to the creation of Frankenstein's monster. I wish I knew more about Paradise Lost, or Frankenstein for that matter. You know, I think I miss that about school, reading and studying literature and philosophy. I mean at the time it was stressful, all the classes and the deadlines. But now I can't find the time for any of it on my own.

So here are some pictures of new Spookyhead prototypes. All in all, a successful batch! I am excited to add these to my line, even though I am so late in the season that I can't really promote them this year for Halloween. But I have said before, I don't really feel limited to October making these, and my customers don't seem to feel limited year round, either. The only one of these that I am unhappy with is the heart-eyed skull, because the hearts bled. I can control this on a future example, I am sure.

Still struggling a little with the photography, but these turned out pretty good with the old new camera and a gray background. Something about the graphic contrasts of the white/black/red/lime have been a real challenge for me.

Well, that took all morning! I have even more to show, but will save them for the weekend. For now, here is a clip from a movie we captured on Tivo that I am so excited to watch! Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (set in this clip to the New Order song Blue Monday but done by Orgy). With Kenneth Branaugh in a frilly shirt, Helena Bonham Carter in a fancy corssetted dress, DeNiro as the Monster, Tom Hulce in a frilly shirt, and we even saw John Cleese in there. Probably in a frilly shirt. I love guys in frilly shirts! This video begs three questions of me. How can this film not be great? Who is Orgy and why did they remake Blue Monday? and Why don't I have any New Order on my Ipod?


  1. They all turned out so cute! :D

    Also, who doesn't love men in frilly shirts? Mmmm.

  2. All I can do is grin, they are so cute! LOVE the mummy! My cheeks hurt!

  3. AJ-
    Attractive man + frilly shirt = good movie

    I will watch almost any drivel to see a man in a frilly shirt and velvety tights. Why is that?

  4. Gaea,
    Thanks so much! They make me smiley too! yay!

  5. Oooh, they look great! I love how the creature-from-the-black-lagoon type monster turned out!

  6. These are too cute Melanie! I love them!. I just want to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. There is always so much to learn from you. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Melissa,
    Thanks, I think Swampy is probably my favorite!

    Thanks so much, you are kind! Thanks for reading and for commenting...

  8. yes - you should have New Order on your Ipod!

  9. Hey Sarah!
    Haven't heard from you in a while...

    Yeah I know, I have so much music I loved on vinyl and cassette, but it never jumped over to cd! Now I can just pick through and get my favorite songs on Itunes for a buck...I love that!