October 9, 2007

I wanna borrow that top!

Late afternoon blogging today. It was just one of those days. I had worked all weekend on my new Stringing submissions and still had to finish up a bit today. EEK! And ship them out Express because they are due tomorrow in Colorado. The Columbus Day weekend sort of threw me a loop. So that task is behind me, yippie! And the kiln is loaded so most of my orders are in there and will be shipping tomorrow. Yay shipping day!

So as you can see above (in a pretty grainy picture for some reason) I have just about finished my fairy costume top. It turned out differently than I expected, but better! I started with a t-shirt I owned, a V neck with cute slit sleeves. I liked it but the V was a little too low and the sleeves slipped down too much at the neck, exposing my *ahem* undergarment straps. So some re-purposing was welcomed!

I began with the "feathers" around the waist. The same types that are in the skirt and shoes. I wanted it to blend right into the skirt, and it does. Then I tackled the collar. One large feather in the center as a centerpiece and small ones along the rest of the neckline worked out well. But then when I tried it on, it got a little droopy, so I wanted to stitch it up, at the bottom of the V. So I used some silk ribbons and stitched them criss-cross so it looks like it ties up. It doesn't, it is decorative. I had to sew those on while wearing it, to get the tension right, and I jabbed myself in the chest with the needle while sewing. Ouch! Ah, the pain I endure for fairy fashion. The final touch is a ribbon tied to each side of the sleeves, so I can tie it to my *foundation* for a little security and to prevent slippage. I actually love that idea, and I want to do it to all my clothes now!

So it's cute, eh? I bet you want to borrow it! That just makes me laugh, because I saw another Kelly video recently, "Let Me Borrow That Top". I think it is just hilarious but again, it is NOT WORK OR CHILD SAFE! Lots of *colorful* language within:

And the arms are done too, by the way. I should do a picture of them on, but I can't figure out the camera that way. I will have to model the whole ensemble for a photo. These are arm warmers from Sock Dreams, with feathers sewn around the top. I can wear them up just above my elbow, or down below it a bit. I am not sure which I will do. They might just scrunch down anyways, as I kind of compromised the elastic band. They are fingerless and have a hole thumb, which you may be able to see in the picture.

So the costume is pretty complete. I need a fancy necklace of course, and my raw brass findings came in today, so I hope to play with them. Any other accessories I can dabble with as time permits. I got some tulle and wire from the craft store today in case some wings just happen to sprout up sometime this week. Tonight I have beads to make though...


  1. I'm so envious! Your costume is shaping up great, I'm sure you'll look awesome at the convention! :D

  2. This looks fantastic! I can't wait to see the photo of the whole ensemble.

  3. Just came upon your blog for the first time, You have so many interesting things, But I LOVE your costume.I will be looking to see it all finished.
    Thanks for having me, I enjoyed my visit

  4. Melissa,
    I will have to have a little fashion photo shoot in the back year. I am sure Chuck will be thrilled (you want me to what? he says and rolls eyes at me...)

    Welcome! It is nice to meet you! And thanks for commenting. Come back soon!