October 25, 2007

I remember, I remember when I lost my mind

There was something so pleasant about that place
Even your emotions have an echo in so much space...

Just a quick post today, as I will go mad if I don't get this pile of orders shipped today! Above, are two bisque beads of new fairy designs made while watching Harry Potter. An Elf and a Wizard or Witch. I am becoming more and more inspired by the Harry Potter story lately. I see a new *magical wizard* series of pendants in my future. I think the thing I like best is the concept of a school for young wizards and witches. I would love to see more movies with this theme. I remember one particularly bad one that I love from my youth, The Worst Witch, which I somehow manage to watch almost every Halloween. It has young Faruza Balk in it, as well as Tim Curry and Mrs. Garrett from Facts of Life. It's pretty bad. But I love the imagery of a classroom for young witches. Can anyone suggest more films like this?

Today's song and video is "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley, set to scenes from Harry Potter. Awesomeness! I need to do that shipping and then get glazing. Hopefully I can glaze the beads above and the new Spookyheads and have something to show soon...


  1. The Wizard of Earthsea has a young wizard at Wizard school. The books are pretty good... but the movie adaptations are only so-so. I hear that the guy who made Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle is doing his own version of the story.

  2. Oh cool! Thanks Andrew!

    You reminded me that there sas a Miyazaki EarthSea in the works. I snooped around a bit, and it looks like it is his son who did the movie, but it doesn't look like its available in the US yet, sadly.


  3. awesome!!!! I love these!

    ps: you do know I collect versions of songs entitled Crazy, right?

  4. Squee thanks! I am glazin them right now and cookin them tonite! Wish them luck!

    I do remember that you collect crazy songs!

  5. No, Miyazaki is doing Earthsea?!! Excellent - so much better than that horrible live action made for tv version from a few years ago. Definitely check out Caroline Stervermer's _A College of Magic_, if you have time. It's been re-printed recently and is currently available through Amazon. It's about a school for young witches called Greenlaw set in an alternate Victorian England. It's very readable and has a wonderful, strong female protagonist.

  6. Sorry, the spelling of the author's name is Stevermer.

  7. Melissa, Thanks for the suggestion! I know so many well read people, it makes me want to read too, but I can never find the time! I barely find time to watch all the movies I want to!

    As I understand it, Earthsea is Hayao's son's first project. I look forward to it coming out here. We don't have a special Japanese dvd thingy, so gotta wait :(