October 18, 2007

Faerie Con Pics, part one

I am deeply in the thick of work now, so many things to do it is overwhelming. Gah! That's the trouble with vacation, it is nice to get away, but the stress upon returning makes me wonder if it is worth it sometimes. Um, yeah, it is! Today I will post the first set of fairies from Faerie Con. These are all just random attendees and maybe a few vendors. At one point, Jeremy and I just want Faerie hunting, with a goal of taking pictures of the neat costumes.

above, a colorful couple. It is so fun to see a guy gleefully dressed up in butterfly wings and tights without a care!

above, I love the orange and green velvet on this woman, and how the fabric drapes in front.

above, oh, I love this dress, and how it is tattered. I love her high hair too. But most of all, I love the twig wings in back.
above, This costume was really cool! She had two giant twig horns, like cornucopias, on her head. And i love the way the white wings and long skirt contrast with the earthy headpiece and bodice, really making them stand out. awesome!

above, The backs of two jewel toned winged faeries with greenery watching the fashion show

above, This faerie was part of the Loroux Studio booth. I don't think it was the artist herself, but there were at least two gals dressed like this, and the whole booth, artwork, costuming worked beautifully together.

above, A darker faerie this time. I love the black and blue and purple, and the striped skirt.

above, This faerie looks a little grumpy, lol! In her defense, I did catch her off guard as she was just trying to grab a bite to eat and watch the fashion show. She has lovely peacock wings.

above, Here is one for the ladies, a shirtless, horned Satyr. Here he is talking with Brian Froud.

That's all for today, friends! Later this week I will show the Green Girl booth, and the treasure I found, as well as some other musings. For now, it is back to work time!


  1. The costumes are all so gorgeous... I just love those twig wings. Her updo reminds me of the dark queen in MirrorMask.

  2. Yeah, people really put a lot of time and thought into the costumes. It was lovely!