October 27, 2007

the creeping...

Here is one finished winged bat. I am pleased with him! This isn't the body I showed the other day in bisque form, that one is below. I only made one set of wings. I didn't think I would like the one above, with the little homer simpson muzzle mouth, but I do! I need another set of wings in black and white for the other bat body below. I believe I will offer both.

Keeping it short today because the monthlies are creeping in on me. Aren't you glad to know? I will spare you by not giving too much info about that here. I will just say that even though one can predict pain and sickness like clockwork, even mark it on a calendar, it doesn't make it easier. Sometimes I think I push so hard during the month because I overcompensate for these 3-5 days where I am utterly useless. I hate it muchly. And in other whiny news I have 4 spider or bug bites on one foot and it is all swelled up unpleasantly and oozing. I am feeling a bit like the living dead...

Today's song is "Creep" by Radiohead, set to a video of the anime Naruto, which I have never seen. When I search for videos, Naruto is one that a bunch of my favorite songs are set to. Have any of you seen it? Is it worth watching? I think I see it on the Cartoon Network, is that the same one I am thinking of?

I don't care if it hurts/I want to have control/I want a perfect body/I want a perfect soul


  1. Awww, the bat looks so cute!

    I'm sorry that you're not feeling well... I hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend.

    Naruto is very popular, but not everyone likes it. My one friend in NE who runs an anime convention loves it, but most of my other anime-watching friends seem to think that it's pretty stupid. I've never watched it so I can't express an opinion either way.

  2. Love the bat (both versions)!

    Well, I guess there's a reason women used to call it the "Curse". Treat yourself well! I hope it passes quickly.

    We had Naruto on Tivo for a while - I liked the idea of the storyline. Basically, a village, to save itself, seals a demon into the body of an infant (Naruto). The boy grows up being an outcast, but he doesn't know why. Seemed promising to me - but I just couldn't watch it over time. The humor etc. is really kiddie level. The "moral" of the story seems to be good, and it's probably the kind of thing I wouldn't mind my son watching later on (apart from the whole level of violence issue - but that's a separated question affecting a lot of anime, I think), but I just couldn't stick with it myself. Probably more information that you needed...

  3. Wow! Love the batty bat!

    That is scary (whooohhhwwhoo) I can totally sympathize, as I too am on the same "curse" schedule! Weeee! Perfect for the holiday... except I become a raging monster once a month, not just on halloween!

  4. AJ,
    thanks for the compliments and well wishes. Maybe I should give it a try, at least a few episodes...

  5. Melissa,
    Thanks, yeah I feel cursed right about now! I try to be all positive and moon goddess/nature/cycle love and all, but when it feels like a kick int he abdomen for 3 days, its hard to keep that thinking up.

    Yeah, I get the impression that Naruto is really long! I usually have a pretty short attention span for anime, like I can sometimes handle a movie length one, but a whole series is hard. thanks for your thoughts

  6. Gaea,
    LOL, we have been on the same schedule forever! I don't think I turn into a raging monster anymore (well, I don't know, ask Chuck..) but I did really bad on the pill. Well, then it was more sobbing, OMG my life is over sort of thing, and then anger too. Now I get the pain and the general crabbiness of being in pain/knowing I will soon be in pain. generally unpleasant, all of it...