October 24, 2007

A cinematic vision, ensued

I rarely share pictures of beads in process, simply because I have never been able to get a decent photograph of dry bone white bisque ware. The details usually wash out. But I think this picture came out ok, thanks to my new/old camera. The black velvet helps, it also sets a mood!

These will change so dramatically when glazed, and some won't survive, so I wanted to take a pic to show you and as a record for myself. These are the prototypes, just one of each. My mind has been flooded lately with horror movies, animated spooky things, and Halloween creatures. This is translating into a whole slew of new Spookyhead charms! You see above a frankenstein, swamp thing, mad scientist, dracula, mummy, and some crazy love struck skull. Below is a 3 part bat that I am excited about.

Looking for my song today, "Bones" by the Killers, I came across the song set to clips from Tim Burton's "Corpse Bride" film. I love Tim Burton very much, and I can see a pretty good amount in influence of his work in my beads. This clip is especially revealing for this line of beads. It can be alarming sometimes, because things that one loves can get lodged in the brain and pop out in unexpected ways. The mind flood of images that one drowns oneself in becomes art of their visual vocabulary. For me, the key to being an actual artist is to acknowledge these influences, and to be mindful of how they come out, so as to always make sure your own spin and signature is present. I think original art happens when a combination of unique influences combine to make something new.


  1. I LOOOVEE THESE! My favorites are the bat and the love-struck skull. I can't wait to see the finished products.

  2. Thanks!

    I am excited about the bat too because I was twisting my brain trying to figure that one out with the wings and body in one bead. Once I separated them, it opened lots of possibilities. Now I can think of other flying things like dragons and birds, and maybe even fish/snake/reptile things too!

    I am trying to dceide if the love struck one should have a white face or not. I kinda thing the face would be cool black, with red eyes and white teeth. Or red with black eyes. hmmm...

  3. They're all so cute! I love the design possibilities of combining the mad scientist with the robot heads you already have (but then again, I've been listening to too much Dr. Steel). And the three-part bat! Awesome!

    I can't wait to see how the finished beads turn out :)

  4. Thanks so much! These ideas are still pouring out of me! I did a voodoo doll and tiki last night and a goblin. And so many more ideas still!