October 10, 2007

Blah Buffet

Blah. I am not feeling the greatest today. Last night we had Thai food take out, and even though we made extra veggies to go with it, so we didn't feel as guilty, it really kicked my butt. There must have been a lot of MSG or something. I totally crashed after eating, to the point of actually sleeping. I rarely nap like that! I am still feeling kinda yucky, and I have loads of work to do all of a sudden, so its a quickie blog today.
I am obsessed with I Can Has Cheezburger lately. I check it several times a day and often laugh uncontrollably. Chuck just rolls his eyes at me! I don't know why it is so funny. I love the guy above, it reminds me of the little hammies we had. At one pint we had 7 I think, Russian Dwarf hamsters. Before we had the house and the dog. It was all the pet we could hide in our apartment. It started out with just a tiny cage, but mama Sprout sprouted and had 5 babies. And they all needed their own cages and squeaky running wheels. In the end it looked like a pet store in our apartment, with so many tanks! They were sweet little creatures though, and I miss them sometimes...


  1. You do know about Cute Overload, don't you? Yet another time-eating site...

  2. OH YEAH! I used to know Cute Overload, in the days before I got Bloglines and before my computer crashed and lost all my bookmarks.

    I just went and subscribed! Thanks for reminding me.

  3. Hi - I don't know if you need a mask or can crochet but when I saw this I thought of the costume you were making http://cache.lionbrand.com/patterns/70442AD.html?noImages=0

  4. Hello anonymous!
    that page was password protected, but I did see a tiny glimpse of it for a secone. Cute mask! I don't crochet at all though, unfortunately.

    I bought one of those cheesy masks and thought I might play with some ultrasuede and the glue gun.

    But my time is running out! We leave Saturday morning, and I have work to do, so I am just about finishe with the costume for now...

  5. I absolutely love Cuteoverload and Icanhazcheezburger. My friend Kris and I send each other buttons and bumper stickers from them all the time. I have one in my office that says, "Snorgle Me!". Through the week, when I see a posting I really like, I will right click and put it as my background. Right now I have the one that says, "Alright, who farted!?"

    Cheezburger Hugs,

  6. Robin,
    hee hee, I think I saw that one! Wait, ther eis merchandise too? I have been too distraced by the cute to see that. Going to look now...

  7. The vegetable inspirations are lovely.Love the idea and the cute display.It is sure to be a hot with the young crowd.