October 19, 2007

The Bead Faerie strikes Gold!

mmmmm...look at my *precious*.... The little treasure above is a coveted Green Girl Studios one of a kind silver/polymer/resin creation. And she is all mine! I saw a few of these at Bead & Button, but before I could even get to the booth, *poof* they were all gone. The nice thing about seeing Green Girl at Faerie Con for me was that I got my pick of some of the more unusual treasures they have that I can never get to in time. I love her, and I expect to do something really neat with her. I am imagining something twiggy. I may have to dabble in some PMC or bronze for this one. I think my little leaves will go well with her too.
Here is Greg from Green Girl, hamming it up Gelfling style. He looked great, and the handcrafted double flute in his hands actually worked! He won first place in the costume contest!

Andrew from Green Girl, working at the booth. We got to spend some time chatting, which was great! He showed me some of the newest items that they had, including the gold plated mermaid beads below, which came home with me. It's funny, I almost never use gold. I am a silver gal, sometimes copper. But I have been very tempted by the raw brass findings that are available now, so I have added that to my vocabulary. I made my Faerie Con necklace with them. So I guess I need to take the plunge into gold now too. These pieces will make it easier, because they are so beautiful:

So I have ordered a bunch of neat gold plated pieces to play with, and I am excited to work on some summery pieces with shells and mermaids and seahorses. Seriously, I didn't even have a gold crimp around here, so it was kind of fun shopping for all my new found golden treasures.

Well, I am still absolutely swamped, so I better get to it. I leave you with a song and video by one of my best 80's guilty treasures. I love this band, Spandau Ballet, because they are so very suave and melodramatic. Here is the song "Gold"...


  1. Ooh, you bought one of Green Girl Studio's miniature portraits - I'm so envious. I really love them! Can't wait to see what you do with it (PMC sounds great)!

  2. Yeah, isn't she great? I was considering the owl girl one too, but this one spoke to me first.

    I haven't touched PMC in years! But I think I need something metally for making twigs. That is one of the limitations in porcelain...the really thin, skinny shapes.

    Maybe I am thinking too hard though and should just give it a try! I do love my clay...

  3. OMG! OMG! I was just at her blog a few days ago just DROOLING over her pieces and there they are here! You lucky, lucky girl! I can' t wait to see what you do with them. What a treat! It looks like you had such fun! Thanks for sharing a bit of your adventure! Such a treat! (do I need a vacation or what?!?!?)

  4. You do deserve a vacation! You work so hard...

    It was a very good time! I am really paying for it now, but it was totally worth it!

  5. I'm really glad that you like your piece! I'm also glad that it went to a good home. Sometimes with the really special pieces that we make, it's hard to let them go. So, it was especially nice to know that it was going to someone who really appreciates it. And isn't it wonderful that it went to someone wants to do something special with it and is talented enough to pull it off? :-)

    I'm also happy to hear that you're enjoying working with the gold pieces and the design challenge they present for those used to working with silver. Don't be afraid to mix metals. I think it was silly when someone came up with metals clashing with one another. I've seen beautiful work that could only be achieved by mixed different toned metals and the unique relationship of colors and combinations it creates.

    Also, the gold pieces are antiqued a bit so they aren't as BLING as they could be. The details didn't come out as sharply when they weren't antiqued.

    I look forward to seeing what you make. Have fun!

    OH! Next time warn me so I don't yawn or talk while you're taking a picture. I'll close my mouth-hole... I promise.

  6. I have an aversion to gold from the years I spent working in a fine jewelry, gold and diamonds store. i don't know, most commercial jewelry of that sort is so soul-less and uninspired to me.

    But yeah, I do love mixing metals. I like pewter mixed with silver and copper and even pewter and gold. I think pewter and brass or bronze is quite nice. And you are right the gold is very nice on the Green Girl pieces. Gold enough to look different than pewter, but the antiqing makes it very easy to work with...

    What can I say, I like a candid photo shot. I think you look very thoughtful and natural, and engaged in conversation, which you probably were...