October 30, 2007

Angels, Devils, and Witches

Above, the glazed witch fairy bead, which I am not really happy with. I don't know, I just think it's too much going on for such a small bead. And I don't like the hair color. Maybe if it was purple or orange? It just blends in too much. I need to try a few more I guess...

So today is the day before Halloween, which used to be known as Devil's Night, but it is now Angel's night. Sort of a cultural rebranding. I have always known Devil's night, but I just looked it up on Wikipedia, and discovered it is a Detroit phenomenon. Is this true? Have any of you outside of MI heard of this? In my youth, in the wealthier suburbs, it basically meant some light trickery. Toilet Paper on trees, eggs thrown at houses. For my friends and I, we just would ring the doorbells of our neighbors and run away. There were lots of kids around my neighborhood and it was a safe place.

Now that we are closer to the city, I am a little more concerned with the history of Devil's Night. Nowadays around here, you are sternly corrected if you mention the old name, with older folks insisting it is called Angel's Night now. And rightly so. As I was born in 73, I was too young to be aware of the rioting and arson that plagued the city during those times. The memories of those times are still alive and raw. Even though improvements have been made and things change, the scars are still there. And outside of the city, judgements have been made and are held. I feel it when I leave the city and tell people where I am from. And it is difficult, because this is my home, but I also understand. I can see around me. And when I leave and go to beautiful places, I return and realize that this city does suffer greatly.

So tonight we stayed hunkered in. When it gets dark, we see the Angel's Night volunteers with their flashing amber lights on their cars. I appreciate them very much. There seems to be a pretty strict 6pm curfew in effect, so hopefully it will be quiet. We will probably carve our pumpkin and watch some more scary movies. I have watched some really terrible movies in the past few days. Maybe tonight we will watch something good like Harry Potter, three.

Today's song is "Angel" by Sarah McLaughlin. It is set to clips from the TV show Charmed, which I never really caught onto. But it's about witches, I guess. I did watch a few episodes with my buddy Melissa when we were out in Portland. I miss her and her new city, she moved there from here. More and more I look around me and I want to be there too, or somewhere like there...

and maybe I'll find some peace tonight...



  1. Hi Melanie, Love your work and your blog! In Massachusetts, we call the night before Halloween: Cabbage night. Same thing with the "light trickstering". Enjoy Harry Potter. I think I'll put on "The Nightmare Before Christmas". Happy Halloween! -Karen

  2. Karen,
    Thanks for commenting! I like the name Cabbage Night. That's fun. It reminds me of Linus and the Great Pumpkin in the pumpkin patch. Was that on Halloween night or the night before...I can't remember now!

    I watched Nightmare Before Xmas just the other night...most of it...I had caught it on TV. BTW, that was *not* one of the terrible scary movies I mentioned that I watched, lol. Children of the Corn was pretty bad tho.