September 5, 2007

World on Fire

The Fire Goddess is complete. I don't know if you can really see the difference from yesterday, but it is all smooth. It is really hard to take pictures of all white/gray items, so I have tried to light them dramatically and pumped up the brightness/contrast. These will make more sense and look better when glazed, but it will be probably a month before I can get a finished pieces out of this. I have to make the mold, let it dry for several days at least, depending on humidity, press the mold, let that tile dry, fire it once, glaze it, and fire it again. No one can call ceramics a very immediate process, huh? It has taught me patience. Anyway, I will make the mold today, so in a few hours the tile will be submerged in plaster. Wish her luck!

So next up is the Water Goddess. I worked on her a little bit last night, right before bed, while watching Science of Sleep with Chuck. She is being a little more problematic, but maybe I was tired. I am having some trouble with the lower half. I am rethinking the mermaid tail. I need to look at her again with fresh eyes today.

For your listening and watching pleasure, I present Sarah McLaughlin's World on Fire, in a video set to a super girly heroine anime called Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, which I have never seen before. Fire and water and mermaids...nice parallel, huh?

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