September 12, 2007

Update, Bead Dreams News!

YAY good news! This is an update to my previous post about Competition a few days ago. Our voices were heard, and the staff at Bead & Button has decided to open up the eligibility for all handmade bead media to compete in Bead Dreams! This is exciting news! It was just announced officially in the forum and we are told the official rules will be changed on the main site soon.


  1. Congratulations - that's great news. You're going to enter, right? Right??

  2. Yes it is great news! And yes I will enter, although it looks like I can only enter teh peapods slide. There has to be 4 or more pieces to make up a set in the category :(

    But its not for a while, so maybe I will bet more slides done before then...

  3. Hi Melanie! That's so cool about the competition! I hate competing. I never make anything in time for dealines. I could definitely see how it could be useful for promotion ,though. B&B has definitely gone to favoring seed beads and the occasional glass bead. Disappointing for those of us that don't have 80 hours to spend on a gigantic peyote stitch lariat. Anyway, its good to represent the whole spectrum to keep it fresh.

  4. I hear you Cynthia, I hate competing too. I just want to have the opportunity, you know? As a reader, I certainly want to see more variety in the art beads at Bead & Button, so this change is optimistic for me...

  5. I am incredibly thrilled that this situation has been rectified and that your voices "have been heard", as you put it!

    This is right and proper!