September 23, 2007

Swim seagull in the sky...

RIP peace pearl necklace, which I tore apart to use the pearls for something else this weekend...

Stringing weekend is going swimmingly, I must say. Just stopping in for some quick emails and blogging to clear my head before more stringing today. Yesterday I made a necklace, bracelet and earring set yesterday in some aqua, lime , pink and purple tones. Those are good spring colors, eh? I then dipped back into the browns for another necklace and bracelet set. Someone take the brown beads away! No it was ok, I still worked outside of my comfort zone by adding creamy pearls and real orangey red coral, so it is still summery, I think. Now I am working with blues. Its hard for me, but I am enjoying this new necklace.

So I didn't mention my experience at the airport picking up the parents the other night. Rather uneventful, we went, we picked up, we got driven home. Dad was in rare form driving though, eek! I am sure he wanted to get home, and returned to Detroit Driving with a vengeance. If you have not had the pleasure of driving in metro Detroit, well, let me tell are missing out. No not really, it is scary! I googled Detroit Drivers and came up with this funny list of "rules" for driving here on, Seriously, they are true!

Its funny, when we were in Portland, we were sitting in a cafe on a busy little city street, eating lunch. We watched as someone drove past in their car, and I guess decided that they wanted to go the other way. So in the middle of this busy street, they just up and made a U turn, never mind other traffic! We laughed as we watched and said...that looks like a Detroit Driver! Lo and behold, as they drove back past us, we saw the Michigan license plate. Totally not surprised!

So at the park yesterday I saw a big bird, maybe a hawk, and we watched it fly off to a tree. Birds are so beautiful. Whenever I see a big beautiful bird flying, and I am captivated by it, the lyrics to a Duran Duran song pop into my head...

"swim seagull in the sky
towards some hollow
western isle
my envied lady holds you fast in her gaze"

I have always loved that line. The song as well, but i couldn't think of the name. I knew it wasn't "sing blue silver" which is what the chorus is. So I googled it, and it is "The Chauffeur". I thought that was fitting, considering the airport pick up, and it triggered this post.

Here is a video for the song. Not the Duran Duran version, because I think the video is a little dirty. I didn't watch it, but it said "uncensored", so I just figured. Instead here is a version by the Deftones, set in a fan video to anime Robotech. Neither of which I know anything about. How come I don't know the Deftones? It seems I might like them. Actually I think I will go and download some new tunes on I-tunes today before working. I have no D2 or Deftones, so I think a little shopping is in order...


  1. I LOVE Duran Duran! I think I have that video some where in the house (Me? Packrat?)... I don't remember any nudity... Great song!

  2. I love them too! It's funny because they were so promoted as a boy band in a way, on all the teen magazines, but they had really complex lyrics and some downright dirty videos!

    I want and looked it up on Itunes, and I found what was probably an extended version, never shown on regular tv. It was very sexy with girl on girl stuff and had full frontal nudity at the end.

    If you do check it out, and make it all the way to the half naked chick...check out how much her dancing and costume looks exactly like a few Madonna videos from the 80s! I was totally stole that!


  3. Racy! I don't think we had that version! I liked that it's b/w. Call me kooky, but when you have that much make-up on and naked boobies... It's like they need eye liner or something? MADDONA totally stole that!

  4. "Call me kooky, but when you have that much make-up on and naked boobies?"

    When you are in a half porn/half art Duran Duran video...that's when! LOL!

    Yeah it definately had a film noir kind of thing going on. It was *so serious* about half nudie chicks though, that it made me laugh!

  5. I was trying not to bust up while the family was sleeping. Can you imagin waking up to your wife lauging at the half porn/half art! Talk about surreal!