September 20, 2007

Sneek Peaks

Well I spent all day glued to the computer pretty much, in an attempt to finish 3 (really 3.5) articles that need to be shipped tomorrow. I don't want to show them all the way, so its more of a surprise when they are published, but that's almost a year away, so I figure just a little taste will do..
I used some great stuff with these projects: Vintage raw brass filigree and chain, the silk ribbon I love, a Lillypilly pendant, some yellow turquoise, and swarovski pearls.
I hope my articles are coherent! Tomorrow morning I have to do the big edits and read them with a fresh mind. But I am fried now so I am going to move on to things I have to think less hard about. See you tomorrow...


  1. OhhHHOHHH! Those look like they are going to be FAB!!! Can't wait to see them in full! P.S. A package is on the way!

  2. Oh thank you! I am very excited abut these and I loved working with the raw brass especially.

    goodie! A package!