September 18, 2007

Show Wrap Up

Ok that's not a picture from my show Sunday, it's from Bead & Button this summer, but I forgot to take pictures and I have nothing else to show today. I am still having a hard time getting back into regular life. This happens after every show, honestly, so I try to give myself time to deal with it.

The show itself was ok at best. I think attendance and sales were down, and it was a beautiful day out, so I think people just wanted to be elsewhere. I had a good time though so it was worth it. Except for the rowdy wedding guests at the hotel Saturday night (that didn't allow me a full 2 hours of sleep the whole night) the trip was relaxing and fun.

I travelled with my buddy and fellow ceramic bead maker Diane Hawkey, and we spent the drive talking and laughing. The trip wasn't too long, about 4 hours each way, so it wasn't too exhausting. The ride home was harder because of the little sleep we had Saturday night, but there was lots to catch up on from the day at the show.

We had dinner Saturday with our new friends Melissa and her friend, and we had good food and lively conversation about art and life. Diane and I shopped at the mall where our hotel was before dinner, and we indulged at the Lush store for some yummy bath products.

One neighbor at the show were Alex Shapiro, who makes beautiful lampwork glass beads with an Asian influence. Very well done. The other neighbor was two ladies representing Bead For Life, a women's co-op in Uganda where rolled paper beads are made, distributed,and sold in an effort to raise money to educate and relieve poverty. Powerful stuff. Further on down the row were Anne Mitchell with her amazing chainmaille designs and Kate McKinnon with her incredible PMC creations. So fascinating bead people surrounded me, making the day fly by!

Well, back to the real world now. I have boring real life things to do today, involving car dealerships, groceries, and banking. Ugh, my favorite things. I also better work on one of my articles today. I have 3 1/2 to write and ship by the end of the week, so I am trying to tackle one a day. It is hard to concentrate...


  1. It was greating seeing you this weekend! Glad you made it home safely, if a little sleep deprived.

  2. I love Anne Mitchell and Kate McKinnon. Anne's books are really great and I can't wait for Kate's new one. She's a wonderful teacher and anyone able to take a class with her would be lucky!