September 19, 2007

road to awe

I have been feeling a little somber lately. I have heard news that a fellow ceramic bead maker and friend Marsha has lost her mother to leukemia. I am full of sadness for her. Marsha and her family have set up a lovely page for her mom on Marsha's website, remembering her.

Just the other day, the same day we received this news, Chuck and I also watched the movie The Fountain which was recommended by a fellow illustrator. It was a very sad movie, about love, death and terminal disease, but it was also visually beautiful and spiritually inspiring to me. There were themes about heaven/the afterlife/the end of life journey that were very complex and spanned many cultures. There was a real Buddhist feel to some of the scenes to me, that conveyed a sense of Enlightenment. Also there was much Nature imagery, like the tree of life, which seemed to have ancient religious sort of connections. These are both ideas that are appealing to me, and reflect the ways I like to look at life and death, although I rarely think about it in depth and almost never verbalize it or write about it. It was pretty awe inspiring to see some of the feelings I have had reflected in visual form.

I am going to leave it at a short post today, in reflection. Below is a clip from the movie The Fountain:

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