September 14, 2007

Pack it up, Pack it in...

So yesterday I got a lot done. I glazed ALL DAY, like I said I would. It took so long that by the time I was done, it was 8 pm and I was too tired and hungry to load the two kilns, which would have taken another two hours. So I am left with that task this morning, and firing today. That means I better stay on top of time here, if I want to be able to unload the kilns by morning so I can take the beads to the show when we leave around 11am. And that's the whole point of working so hard yesterday, right? Don't worry though, I was able to take a mid day break to take a long walk in the park with Chuck and Zo, and we did some errands too. At night we cooked a good dinner and I had a relaxing bath. Have to remember to take time out for those things even when super busy...

So today I am busy finishing packing it up for the show. This time around, just for a bit of fun and to feed my curiosity, I decided to try to pack as if I was flying to the show. I have never taken my booth on a plane or anything other than a car, and I usually take way more than I need. I usually have all these crazy bags and boxes filled with stuff. So that means I had to really strip things down and just take essentials. I wanted to pack the very most important things, like beads and sales materials, in a carry on sized bag, and the display in a checked luggage bag. I did pretty well, but I found we don't really have the proper sized luggage to do this. The "carry on" bag is too big and the "check bag" is too small. So I think if I had a bigger check bag, I could do it. I have some overflow, like my sign, which would need to be altered to fly, and I have some extra goodies like kits and signs in a third bag that might fit if I had thought about them sooner. It was a good exercise, anyway, and now I feel more confident that I could do it if I wanted to, with proper planning.

Better get to that kiln loading. I leave you with a song that was running through my head as I have been packing. House of Pain, "Jump Around". And I am loving finding all these creative fan videos on You Tube. This one is Mace Windu kicking some butt in the Clone Wars animated series. cool. Enjoy:


  1. Have a safe trip - see you tomorrow!

  2. You got more rhymes than the Bible's got psalms!

    OMG. Cyndi AND House of Pain? Now I know we were separated at birth.

  3. Oh yeah, just call me DJ Bead-a-Lot!

    I actually just had the Jump Around song bouncing around in my brain, but had to look it up. I am not familiar with the band really. But Cyndi, I do love...