September 15, 2007

Mind Flood: Bird + Woman

I am leaving soon for the Chicago bead show, but I wanted to post some pictures that I have found recently. These are all from female Surrealist artists. It is crazy, I have studied Surrealism on and off at amateur depth for many years, since high school, and I am seeing some of these names and images for the first time now. Surrealism was definitely an old boys' school. Many of these women were overshadowed by their husbands and lovers, but all have incredible, imaginative artwork and amazing stories. Here are some images I have found of eight women who have been associated with the Surrealist movement in some way, all with bird related imagery. Enjoy and have a great weekend:


  1. How utterly cool! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing!
    I am doing some research on surrealism, and I think you would enjoy the book titled Surrealism and Women, edited by Mary Ann Cows, Rudolf Kuenzli, and Gwen Raaberg. It's a great compilation of essays discussing the lack of representation of female perspective in both the history and actual movement of surrealism.

    You should check it out!