September 12, 2007

Knock on Wood

Yesterday I spent the day quietly working and reflecting. I got some things done and loose ends tied up over the past few days. One of the big things that I don't think I mentioned is that the date for Faerie Con conflicts with a bead show here in the Detroit area called the Bead Bonanza. We have an awesome bead guild, the Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild, and they put on a great show! I have done the Bonanza every time for about 10 years. I recently found some fliers from 1996, so I think that is when I started selling at the shows. They used to be in a dark scary hotel but have moved to a nice bright city hall/convention center. Somewhere around 2000? they started having the show 2x a year, and I come every time. Even the one year when I had my bead buddy Jennifer do my booth so I could do the sewing expo with our buttons.

So as you may imagine, I have some history with the guild and the customers. I love this show! But I have decided that this time around I need to cancel so we can go to Fairie Con, and it is too difficult for me to find someone to sell my beads for me. So I dropped out for the first time in over 10 years. It is hard to imagine my Autumn without a Bonanza, *sniffle*, but the lure of fairies and Philadelphia is too great, so I must pass this time around.

The Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild is known the bead world over, I think. I laugh every time I go to Kate McKinnon's Journal, because she calls them the Mighty Mighty GLBG. So true! It also makes me think of the band the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. I remember when the song below came out, I really liked it, as I tend to like the sound of ska based music. I think I even took a listen to a whole album, but the singer's voice ends up being too gravelly to me to enjoy more than occassionally. Anyway, this song is very relevant to me today, and yesterday. It makes me think about how fortunate I am that I have not been touched with the tragedy that others have. Knock on wood...

Video above: "The impression that I get" by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

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