September 13, 2007

I've gone Identity Mad!

Today is jam packed with glazing goodness. Oh Joy, one of my favorite tasks. It isn't really, it is tedious and involves me sitting still all day, so it is dreaded but necessary. Time to eat a good breakfast, put on some tunes, and get to work. I have to get all my orders and stock for the show glazed and loaded in the kiln today, so no time to waste. But I will indulge in a big post before I start.

Yesterday I spent some time at the fabric store, getting ideas for my Faerie Con costume, and trying to determine if I really have time to do one at all. I am going to try my hardest. Its a little tricky now because I have a show this weekend (anyone coming to the North Lake show near Chicago? Link on sidebar of blog...) And I have 4 articles to write due the next week and other article proposals due right after that. Not to mention orders. But If i can sneak an hour or so a day I might be able to pull it off...

I was battling between themes for my costume. At first I thought I wanted to be a beetle fairy. I spoke of my fascination with beetles on the blog before. I would love to make a Queen Mab costume someday...something with an emphasis on the bug imagery in t he Romeo and Juliet speech by Mercutio about dreamers. I have always been attracted to the idea of Queen Mab, from when i was very young, because my pre-married initials were MAB and I used to sign my artwork that way before I had even read R&J. And plus she is a tiny fairy who cavorts with insects.

look what google images turned up, a costume design by Dorothea Tanning, a surrealist artist, for the ballet "The Sleepwalker" in 1979

But even though I love that idea, I think right now, more things in my work and life are pointing to a bird type fairy. I found some beautiful images yesterday that really speak to me, from artists that I am really fascinated with lately, female surrealists. I have a few ideas about how it might work with some effort. I think I will start with some clothing I own and alter it so I am not trying to fit and size things. I am not a great at sewing and I am very unskilled in actual fitting, so I think that is best. Its mostly about embellishing! Whatever happens, the costume will involve some kind of knee socks from Sock Dreams , a website I am absolutely obsessed with! I just need to settle on colors and these will be mine:

And for today's musical selection, a fun romp to get me moving:

Video above: "Grace Kelly" by Mika. I love this song and video! He is such a cutie, and doesn't he sound a bit like Freddie Mercury? Check out the lady in the old tattered dusty wedding dress spinning aroung. Love that!

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