September 9, 2007

I'd like that...if we could float away in bed...

As promised, here is a picture of the finished Air Goddess Tile. I am happy with her, and I love the little air bubbles. Those will be glossy colored little jewels and the rest of the tile will be earthy bare clay and the dark stain. At least that's the plan. I can see it in my head.

All three molds are poured and are drying. It will take a while, and I won't be able to press a tile until next week probably, because i want them to dry fully, and I need to focus on getting ready for my bead show in Chicago on Sunday. All this tile activity has been distracting me, and all of a sudden...Bead Show! oops!

So I was doing a little bit more research on the classic Little Mermaid Tale by Hans Christian Andersen. Just a quick Wiki synopsis tells me that her tale is very different than the classic mermaid folklore. She doesn't seem to lure men to their death and in fact she saves the life of the man she falls in love with. And she ends up sacrificing everything to be with him. Tragically, it is unsuccessful and the story has a sad ending. She has the choice to kill her love in order to rejoin the mermaids...

From Wikipedia: "But the Little Mermaid cannot bring herself to kill the sleeping prince lying with his bride and, as dawn breaks, throws herself into the sea. Here her body dissolves into sea foam, but instead of ceasing to exist, she feels the warmth of the sun; she has turned into a spirit, a daughter of the air. The other daughters of the air tell her that she has become like them because she strove with all her heart to gain an eternal soul. As a mermaid her gaining of a soul was dependent on another: the prince; but as a daughter of the air she will earn her own soul by doing good deeds. When 300 years have passed she will have earned her soul and will rise into the kingdom of God. This time can be shortened; with each good child she finds she subtracts a year, while she adds a day for each tear she must shed over a wicked child."

Obviously, this tale differs greatly from the Disney Version. As I said, I haven't seen it, but I had a feeling it would differ. Part of me really dislikes Disney films. I feel like a horrible person for saying that! They bring a lot of joy to children, how can I be so cruel? I do love some of them, mostly the old ones though. Sleeping Beauty and Snow White and Bambi...the ones from my youth. Oh and the Fantasia. But now, I think it is just an endless marketing juggernaut of The Mouse, the constant commercial bombardment of the films and toys, and happy meals. I don't know, I guess that's just how it is. But it troubles me...and I am usually so tired of the commercials and songs and corporate tie-in stuff everywhere, I can't stomach the actual films. Wow, am I in a negative mood today? Ranting against Disney?

This will lighten me up...Above, a video for the song "I'd Like That" by XTC set to Disney's The Lion King, for some reason.

I'd like that (What would you like?)

If we could float away in bed

I'd like that (What would you like?)

If I could row your heart and head

With you laid on one arm

I'd be your Nelson if you'd be my Hamilton,what fun

We'd laugh because each stroke would make me grow up

Really high, really high like a really high thing

Say, a sunflower


  1. I HATE the fact that Disney changed the ending to The Little Mermaid. I think it ruined the story. On the other hand, dumbing down fairy tales is kind of traditional, right? I don't think any of the Brothers Grimm tales survive in their original, more brutal format. I was so surprised at how dark many of the original stories are. Speaking of great fairy tales, though, have you ever read Oscar Wilde's fairy tales, The Happy Prince and The Selfish Giant? They are not "heroine" stories, but I've always loved them.

  2. Yeah, dumbing down and making everything so PC and "kid'friendly" is really irritating in this culture. I mean I think children should not be subjected to some things, of course, but it is way out of balance, I think. I am so used to Anime at this point and the presentation and themes, even in the childrens stuff, it is hard to go back to american animation and enjoy it.

    No I am embarrassingly unfamiliar with Oscar Wilde, but from what I gather he was a very intelligent and entertaining individual, and I am sure his stories are as well!

  3. Oh, I agree. I hope my son spends as much time watching and reading titles like Hikaru no Go and Rurouni Kenshin as he does anything Western. (Having said that, I can't get used to _some_ of the Japanese conventions - the whole line shoujo stories with 13 year old girls having relationships with their teachers just makes me shudder...)

  4. Oh yeah for sure...there is some crazy stuff that goes on in Anime. I don't envy you as a parent at all on that front!