September 21, 2007

Green Things

Today is the Day of a Million Boring Things! I have to edit my articles from yesterday and make sure they make sense. Then ship them off along with an order. Then it is off to the dealership to pick up our stupid crappy car that is always needing repairs even though we almost never go *anywhere*. And later off to the airport to pick up my parents from their Vegas trip. Yep all that should keep me busy! But the good news is that after these Boring Things are done, I will be pretty caught up on loose ends and clay work for orders so I am planning to string beads all weekend! My goal is to make 6 project worthy necklaces, 6 bracelets, and maybe the occasional earring. I am excited!

Yay for apples bracelet!

So today I am thinking of Green Things. It came about because we got an email that our web host, Drak Net has gone GREEN! This means that even though their business itself is not physically run on alternative energy (that is a huge feat that businesses in this country seem to really struggle with, no matter how much they desire it) they purchase Green Credits to offset their energy usage. The credits go towards the purchase of Solar Energy and research. How awesome is that?

warning...*mini-rant* We chose Drak Net because of their political affiliations, and the fact that they are a woman owned company. It was one area that we thought we could make a statement with our money with this choice. I just get tired of giving so much money to old, white, conservative men who don't have my best interest at heart as a feminist, gay-rights advocate, progressive, non-wealthy human. And while Drak Net doesn't have all the fancy, flashy bells and whistles and hand holding of other web hosts, we liked their policies and attitude, and were familiar with website building and FTP, so we gave them a shot. We have been very happy with them, and this unexpected Greening is just the icing on the cake! *end of mini-rant*

Ok, on a lighter note, and onto the next Green Thing. Apples. I love apples! It is almost apple season! That means a trip to the Cider Mill, warm cider, those delicious greasy donuts, caramel apples, crisp cool air! Yum! Apples are probably my favorite fruit. I call them my favorite "gettin' around" fruit...favorite everyday fruit. I do love some other special occasion, seasonal fruits with more passion, like Pineapple, and Raspberries, and Strawb erries, but you can't get those all the time. I really do almost eat an apple a day! Yesterday I had a nice big Gala apple, but there are some sharp, tart green ones in the fridge too. Um, also yesterday I had two of these ciders, which means I have to extra carefully edit my articles this morning, now that I am um, less tipsy:

Ok, and the last Green Thing is a video selection. Green Day of course. Which fits nicely with my little mini-rant above. I never liked Green Day until American Idiot came out. I didn't think they had the fortitude to make such a statement, but I was pleasantly surprised. It is one of my favorite albums. Here is a great fan video for "She's a Rebel" which is a really nice parallel to my thoughts lately. It features clips from several Hayao Miyazaki animated films, all of which have really strong female lead or supporting characters. Great stuff! (this is in part for you , Melissa!)


  1. Thanks, Melanie! I love Miyazaki's work. Even though "Howl's Moving Castle" was based on a Western fantasy book, I still loved it. "Spirited Away" is still my favorite.

    I love that apple bracelet! Have you tried Macoun apples? Nicely tart and crisp. I don't see them around the Midwest so much - I used to eat them a lot when I lived in New York.

  2. No I don't think I have tried Macoun apples. I will have to look for them. I usually like a tart and crisp apple. Chuck likes the sweet mellow ones. I don't like yellow ones as much, they are too mild. But I like them all!