September 8, 2007

Faeries, Floating, Flying

Air Goddess, before. She is finished now but I haven't taken a picture yet. I will before I pour the plaster mold.

Well, lots of things happened yesterday! Exciting things that have made me think of lots of other things. I am very happy today because it is official! We are attending Faerie Con! We did something a little impulsive and splurged on plane tickets to Philly to attend the show. Flying is not a minor thing for us...we are not jet setters at all! Our trip to Portland last year was the first time we had been on a plane in over a decade, but we got past our fear and ended up enjoying it. It will be good to try a short trip again and see if even more of the anxiety has passed, so we can decide if we can actually fly someday for events. Flying really opens up a lot of possibilities for us, and I am glad we are starting to consider it as an option.

Now, notice that I say *attend* Faerie Con which means we are not vendors. We do not have to go and set up a booth and worry about making up the booth fee, and all the stress that goes along with it. We get to go for a day as muggles, as fan boy and girl! The catalyst for this is that my brother just moved to Philly, so we get to stay with him and spend a day and a half visiting him too! YAY an unexpected, mini fall vacation for us!!!

Now, we had heard a little about Faerie Con at Gen Con, as I have been keeping my ears opened for new shows that we might want to do in the next year. Then I found out that our friends at Green Girl Studios are selling there, which made me think of researching the show for us. I had a good reaction to the little bit of work I had at Gen Con, by the more fairy and anime girl elements of the attendees, so I am encouraged to think more about shows that are outside of my normal bead show realm. It looks like a great show, some of Chuck's illustration mentors are going to be there, like the guests of honor, the Frouds, and Charles Vess, and there are several artists who we have met on our paths before too!

Chuck has some great new work coming out in the next year (which I can't share, unfortunately, because it is top secret) and he will probably need to promote it at more conventions. This is pretty exciting for me, especially if I get to attend them as well. If there are opportunities for me to show and sell my work at events such as this, I need to make some minor changes, and emphasize some things more than others. Thus the recent work on new goddesses and fairy fantasy imagery. This works well for me, and gives me some creative direction, so I welcome it.

Back in college, when we chose the name Earthenwood, we had these grand fantasies of selling our work side by side at art fairs and festivals. That's where the Earthenwood name came from...I was working in earth (clay) and he was doing wood engraving at the time along with other woody arts (things on paper) including beautifully hand bound books. We did a couple of shows and found his work was a much harder sell to the general public, and the art fair life was hard. I continued doing art fairs for a few summers, but it was too hot and difficult, and the money and conditions were always so variable. We quickly ruled out Renaissance Festivals, based on our art fair experiences. While I think we could have done well in that format, the thought for me of peddling my wares in the heat and mud, wearing a corset and velvet dress no less, was just out of the question. I moved more into beads and indoor shows, and he went the way to commission illustration. So to find that we might be able to work again side by side at a show is an exciting idea to me, and brings up old fantasies when we were young and wildly in love, and it re-energizes me.

above, a Tori Amos video for you, Bouncing off Clouds

Make it easy

Make this easy

It’s not as heavy as it seems

We could be bouncing off the top of this cloud...


  1. We are very excited to go to Faerie Con! We've got so many plans. It should be a really excellent time. It'll be great to see you there as well.

  2. Oh, and I love me some Tori! I once won a contest for being "Tori's biggest fan." I wrote an essay on how I was the "quiet fan" and scored front row tickets to one of her shows. When you see her perform up-close, all the boundaries seem to melt away and you're introduced to a wholly new humanity and vulnerability in the music.

  3. Yeah I am excited too (obviously!) the only drawback is missing our local bead guild show. sigh, I love the GLBG! But alas, sometimes we have to sacrifice...

    I love Tori too, but can't listen to her too often. Her songs are often so painful they feel like my heart is ripping out! Her voice and lyrics really move me. It would be amazing to see her live, what an experience you must have had!