September 3, 2007

Colliding Lollipops!

Happy Labor Day to all! Today I am thinking about all the people who work so hard to make our lives better. Thank you! I have a little clip from the Wizard of Oz for you... The Lollipop Guild! I am researching the books a little and have been watching bits of the movie. Fascinating story, allegedly filled with political and social symbolism, much about labor. Anyway, it is very interesting to me especially considering my recent study of strong female characters in fairy tales. Guess who my first inspiration for my children's book heroine tiles is? Yep, Dorothy! I love her story, how strong she is, but how she is open to meeting new friends and working with them to improve all of their lives.

Speaking of working together...we have announced a new challenge this month at Art Bead Scene. It is called When Beads Collide. The goal is for designers to mix the art beads of more than one artist into a single work. It may be a real challenge for some, especially for artists who make their own beads. It can be tricky to incorporate someone else's beads into designs when you are used to only using your own. I have been working with other artists lately, and really enjoy the unique challenges of mixing different materials especially. Like putting pewter or glass or polymer with my own porcelain. I think it makes for rich and interesting work.

Well, I will keep it quick today. I am still a bit unwell and am suffering with a slight migraine since last night. I think some fresh air will do me well today. I started carving tile last night and am excited about that, so I think I will sit outside and work today with the dog and my Ipod, and see where my carving tools take me...

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