September 1, 2007

Chuck's Tile Tutorial

A few of you have asked me off line some questions about the tile making process. I have never done a tutorial on it, but fortunately my Chuck has! He posted it on a sci-fi fantasy illustration forum called Concept Art. You can read all about it there, but watch out for monsters! We learned everything about tile at the same time pretty much, so our processes for mold making and tile pressing are just about identical.
Thanks Charlie! *.*


  1. A friend had sent me a link to Chuck's tutorial a while ago, and it's wonderful. I especially loved the tip about using a straw to blow the plaster into recesses. Here I'd been using an airbrush to do that. Sometimes low-tech is so much better!

  2. Ah, an airbrush! Yes low tech *can* be good, but what about when you have an oxygen deprived headache from blowing through a straw for 5 minutes?! LOL!

    I am amazed with the precision molds that you do. Our stuff is so, um, rustic compared to the fine molds you need to make those beautiful horses.

    We'll talk more later...

  3. Thank you Melanie for posting this tutorial.
    It gives me an idea to when I eventually get to making my own molds form scratch...not from found objects. This is a keeper in the favorites.

  4. Yes, go for it Yolanda! It is very rewarding to be able to make a mold of your own design and see it repeated many times.

    Watch out for those undercuts while carving!