September 17, 2007

The caffeine fairy has arrived!

Feeling more alive this afternoon...I was able to get some emails answered and 5 packages shipped out this morning. Although I accidentally printed an express mailing label for $16 when I meant to do a $4.60 priority label. oops! That's the kind of thing that happens when I am overtired and still try to get work done. I was able to get some Tim Horton's drive thru coffee to get me through the rest of the morning, and then the caffeine fairy arrived on our doorstep with a 5 lb bag of delicious whole bean coffee that we had ordered. Look at it in all its glory, sitting happily next to our coffee pot. That's some coffee! It's our favorite kind: Dean's Beans... organic, fair trade, whole bean, vanilla coffee. YUM! More about the show and other stuff tomorrow, after I catch up a little more after a weekend away...

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