September 27, 2007

Back on Track

Yesterday was another good day. I was able to ship out my rush job and some other orders. Did some shopping at Trader Joes for groceries. Wrote out my proposals for Simply Beads and emailed them. Made dinner and beaded for a little while. Watched some TV and made beads. Good day.

The picture above is the little bead making station I have been glued to for the last two nights, and the results of my bead sessions. That's a LOT of pumpkins there! It is coming up on the partially dreaded Bracelet Making Marathon for the holidays. After all these are fired and glazed, I will likely take a whole week just making bracelets. 3-5 beads to a bracelet, plus a charm, so I need a lot of pumpkins. I need to have enough to make dozens of bracelets, to split between my galleries and holiday show. I decided to change it up a little and make my Beachy accents in different colors for bracelets too, just for fun. So that's what I did last night, the beads in the black tray. I need to have a couple nights of small earring charm making too, for the also dreaded Earring Making Marathon, but that is another story...

Production can be tedious, but it makes me happy in a strange way. To wake up today and see this giant pile of beads I made last night is really satisfying.

I better keep today's post sort of short. Today is family day...I am going with the dog to visit my parents, to hear all about thier 2 week vacation and catch up.I would love t get a little work done before leaving, maybe bring my bisque up from the kiln and sort my beads so I can glaze tomorrow. Or maybe fiddle with one of the beading works in process. I am sure there is something that needs to be done around here.

Back to the 80's here for the video of the day. Do you remember this one? I was reminded of it recently. The Breakfast Club with "Right on Track". What a zany video! Anyway, if you believe Wikipedia, (which I do, because as Stephen Colbert says, if it is written on the internets, it must be is the law of Wikiality) The early Breakfast Club contained young Madonna as a band member...the drummer, no less! Funny!

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