September 22, 2007

at the summer's end...

beads by #1 Anne Choi, #2 Coliebug Beads, #3 Green Girl, #4 lil ol' me

Well yesterday's day of Boring Things is done, thankfully! I was pretty grumpy by the end of the day and went to bed early, excited to get up today for the Weekend of Bead Stringing! Like a little reward to a week of hard work! You know things are good when a weekend of what is actually work, strictly speaking, is your reward. I love what I do!

So it is quite warm here for mid September. I think it will actually help me to get in the right mind for the stringing I want to do today and tomorrow. I am supposed to be thinking "spring" and "summer" for these designs, which is really hard for me. It means making sort of pastel, light jewelry, and I prefer earthy and somewhat dark jewelry I think. So I am trying to expand. I *will* be making an autumn/winter inspired necklace with the above beads. That may have to be one I make to wear for the season and submit in the fall somewhere. I am excited about it, but it is not going to be very "springy"

I am encouraged by the news that I have two projects in the Winter issue of Stringing, and I did them at a really hard time, because I loved them, so it is good to know that my instinct to push them at that difficult time was appreciated. It gives me extra incentive to come up with some great projects to submit for spring.

Speaking of seasons, I think this weekend is the Autumnal Equinox. I took a quick look around at my calendars and google, but the date varied, so I will just celebrate this weekend. Below is a video for the song "Indian Summer" by the Dream Academy. The weather here last week was COLD! Not freezing frosty like, but it was a significant drop. Now we have the air conditioner on again. So I don't think what we are experiencing is technically Indian Summer here, since Autumn is just starting, but it makes me think of this song...

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