September 20, 2007

Argh...a day late and a dollar short!

So I realized yesterday afternoon that it was annual Talk Like A Pirate Day! How fun! So I am celebrating a day late here. I made a single pirate Spookyhead charm as a prototype before the Chicago show and sold it there. Pirates are so popular, it seemed like a natural progression from my Skullie Spookyhead into Pirate. No doubt, I was inspired from Margot Potter's Pirate King polymer clay project a couple of weeks ago too. Thanks Margot, for the inspiration! Chuck suggested the red bandanna and I knew I wanted to add the gold earring. I notice now that I forgot the jolly red cheeks, so if I do another, I will add those in.
I had several successful prototypes that I made before the show, including a revisit of my two monkeys and some new lilly pads. I am also working on a multi colored poppy component using my Nouveau Sheild, which is proving to be tricky but also promising. I want to make a really gothy/Victorian poppy mourning necklace. Cheerful, eh?

Here is another necklace I made recently that fits the theme today. A Skullie and cross bones pendant on a "barbed wire" faux leather cord. I think this is pretty clever, and had fun making it. When I wore it though, it was pretty picky and made me itch. What should one expect from barbed wire, I guess? It just has a simple crimp clasp, but somewhere around here I made a porcelain bone to serve as a toggle. This one will probably get re-designed, but it was a fun start.

All of these pirates and skulls and bones make me think of Halloween and how much I love it! I am a HUGE candy freak, so that is appealing, but also I think the artist and craftsperson in me enjoys seeing people get excited about imagining and creating costumes. It's funny though, because even though I know I am a creative person, I have never had the knack for coming up with and making really inspired costumes. I am not an inspired gift giver either, I have found. I guess my creativity is channelled into my beads and clay, so my energy for other projects is lessened? I don't know. I do know that I am still excited about my fairy costume, and am dying to find the time to work on it. But business and boring real life activities have to come first right now, so I will just continue to daydream about it...

Ok I was going to end this post with the video Bones by the Killers, an obvious choice, but in my search for it I discovered a band that was recommended by a fellow illustrator. And it seems more appropriate, so here is Cat Power with Cross Bones Style, a song I have heard for the first time today:


  1. I simply MUST purchase a pirate skull bead! I also LOVE that heart, I am going to have to buy one of those too.

    My poly clay attempts pale in comparison to your deft skills with the clay, my fine friend.

    You make the most magical, wonderful beads!

    Rock on, sista!

  2. Arrrrr, matey, you must needs talk like a pirate for International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Love the bead - sorry I missed my opportunity to nab it at the show. Will you be making more?

  3. Margot, thanks so much! I am glad you like them! I made a few more last night for stock...

    Melissa, Argh! Yep I plan to add them to my catalog. The ones I made last night have the cheeks. I think they are even cuter!

  4. Savvy, Matey! My kids will flip (as I did) for this!