September 24, 2007

And I can see, hear, smell, touch, taste....

RIP baby blue Nouveau Shield/Fairy necklace, made last year sometime, which I never really was *all about*, taken apart this weekend to get at those enamelled flowers, which I used in another project, which I like much more...

Yesterday was lots of fun! A mix of work and play. I did some stringing in the morning. Good stuff too: an asymmetrical cobalt necklace with blue daisies and silver elements and a watery blue wave inspired necklace with bits of pale green and lilac. Then we went to a local art fair with the dog. Good times! Then back home for more stringing: a brown and black and white necklace with bird images. I still have to finish that one. I find the pastel color work goes easier if I cleanse my visual palette with some brown between pastel projects. Is that crazy? It seems crazy. Then at night I made beads for orders while watching the new season of animated shows on fox. Family Guy Star Trek episode was especially entertaining!

So I mentioned the art fair...It was the "Funky Ferndale" art fair, in the city right next to ours. Ferndale is really great and it makes living in our city a little easier to cope with. Our city is lacking in a bit of culture, at least the culture I am interested in. Its very working class, and lots of families are here. Ferndale is a really hip city, with lots of cute little shops, and a great community. I also read once that it has one of the highest GLBT populations per capita in the country, which is great, because as Kathy Griffin would say, I love the gays. Anyway, this sort of atmosphere makes for some great events, so we took a quick trip out with the dog.

Zoey was freaking out! I think she liked it, but her ears were back the whole time and she was all buggy eyed! I think her senses were working overtime, with all the live music, people, tons of dogs, fair food everywhere. Chuck did a great job of keeping her reigned in, and by the time we were half way through, she was pooped out. At the end of the fair, we got a couple slices of pizza from a vendor, ate them while listening to a drum circle jam, and walked back to the car. It was a quick trip, but nice to get out of the house and see a few friends.

We got to talk with three sets of friends that we know from tile shows. Rick from Whistling Frog was there with a bunch of over-run tiles. We got to talk about new tile ideas that we both had, and about working. Tim and Mary of HB Jewelry were there too, right next to Rick. They used to do a ton of tile with a bit of an Arts & Crafts look, which I love, but now Mary does incredible ceramic jewelry. They also own a gallery called Domaci up north, where I sell some finished jewelry. I would love to go there sometime and see the place, but it is SOOO far! We also saw Mary from Verdant Tile Co. who won an award at the show for best of 3D (totally deserved!) and whose booth and work looked great! Mary lives near Stratford (Ontario...where we took our summer vacation) and takes the trip into Michigan and the States a few times a year, to show her Arts & Crafts inspired designs. Next time we go to Stratford, I really want to go visit her studio.

So that's the wrap up of our day! Today will involve a little glazing, a little stringing, and a little writing. That's all I have planned so far...

I leave you with the "Senses Working Overtime" video by XTC. This is a little early in the XTC discography for me, I love all their albums after 1986's Skylarking, but earlier stuff is hit and miss with me. This one must have had a lot of radio play in its day (1982), because I still hear it now on the radio. Its a good one!

And I've got one, two, three, four, five,

Senses working overtime

Trying to take this all in.

I've got one, two, three, four, five,

Senses working overtime

Trying to taste the difference,

'Tween a lemon and a lime,

Pain and the pleasure,

And the church bells softly chime

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