September 28, 2007

Am I the dog that bit, the hand of the man that feeds it?

A little Dog-Blogging today... Didn't do much bead related yesterday, just some errands and visiting with my parents. I did make some beads for an order at night, but that's about all...
Here is a little photo story of my parent's back yard, and my photography efforts as I think Zoey sees them in her doggy brain...
Zoey: "Naw, I don't want to have my picture taken. Leave me alone. I just want to look at the fish pond.
Bonnie & Clyde, the neighbor dogs: "Oh, we will pose for you! Look how noble and elegant we are! You can take pictures of us all day!"

Zoey: "Hey! Why are you taking pictures of those dogs? I am much prettier, don't you know? Take MY picture! I am a world famous fashion model, don't you know!"

Zoey: "See, look how pretty and happy I am! And so obedient and loyal! You don't need to look at those other dogs, they are dumb."

Zoey: "Ok, I am losing interest. I didn't know I would have to actually work at this. But at least I lured you away from those brown dogs. Hurry up, I have things to do..."

Zoey: "Ok, this is your last shot. I am officially distracted. I think there is a squirrel over there that needs to be chased. Leave me alone again."

Yes, the complex mind and brat-itude of our dog.

It is allergy season for the Zo, so she is on a small amount of steroids for itching. It really helps her, otherwise she would be chewing at herself all day and night, poor thing. The side effect is that it makes her really hungry. She mooches for food relentlessly now. I mean, she is a mooch regularly, but now she is really drooly and intense about it. And normally she is really gentle, and takes her snacks carefully from hands, but she is snappy now. Last night she wolfed down her dinner in under 2 minutes, and she is usually very leisurely, taking little bites over the course of a half hour, or waiting until someone else is eating or sitting in the room with her. She likes the company, I think. Pack animal.

So if any of you dog people have suggestions of what to feed an uncomfortably hungry dog that won't effect her weight, I would love to hear it. Poor little Ms. Grumble Belly.

Today's video and song is "Do the Dog" by the Specials. I recently bought a bunch of Two Tone Ska from I tunes...Songs that I had only on vinyl from over a decade ago. SO I haven't heard these songs in a while, including this one. And I am re-discovering the songs, and with internet tools like Wikipedia and Song Meanings, I am learning things I never knew about these songs I have loved forever! For instance, I thought this song was just a fun *get together and dance* song. The words go so fast, I had no idea what they said. I never knew that the chorus says "Am I the dog that bit, the hand of the man that feeds it?", which gives me much more insight that this song, like many other ones by the Specials, is actually about working class issues and the government. Fascinating! Feel free to press play and skank around!


  1. Melanie - Love the comments under Zoey's pics. Love your blog site. Your parents' back yard looks a little like Florida, that's where I'm from. Can't wait to check out more of your site. Take Care. Ava-Orlando

  2. Thank you for stopping in, Ava.

    Yeah, my parents yard is quite nice...they have done some really great work on it. I must have taken pictures of the more exotic looking plants near the pond, but the pine trees and changing colors all around would be a dead giveaway that we are in Michigan. Zoey really loves to visit.

  3. Those captions are hysterical. You may want to write comics, but I would miss your beads. I had a dog that had this issue. We bought canned vegetables on sale and mixed them in with the food. My lab grew accustomed to green beans and it didn't add any extra weight. The bulk seemd to satisfy him. You do have to find the right vegetable some dogs are picky - stay away from corn.

  4. Hello there! Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I think canned veggies would be a good thing (and I corn!) peas and carrots and green beads might work. She likes all of those pretty well. Thanks for the suggestion!