August 14, 2007

what are YOU looking at?

Check these goodies out! They are Chuck's promo item for Gen Con Indy this week, made by our friends at Button Arcade. Awesome! He has used that eyeball for years, in his promos, in his sketches. There are eyeballs everywhere around this house! Anyway, I just couldn't resist taking a picture of all of these while we have them...I hope they are all sold by the end of the week.

The Robing of the Bride by Max Ernst

So while we were watching the famed Max Ernst documentary that I just won't stop talking about (shut UP already, melanie!) Chuck was telling me that Ernst was a big influence on a lot of sci-fi and fantasy illustrators. And when you look at his paintings, I think you can really see that. Another thing I read online somewhere was about how Ernst's collage novels were very influential in the modern graphic novels.

Antipope by Max Ernst

The fantasy genre is one that I do love, and Chuck has taught me so much about it. I am excited to go to this show this weekend, just as a fan girl and an Artist's wife. It's kind of fun to take the pressure that I usually have at shows taken off of me a little and take more of a supporting role. I am excited to meet artist friends we met last year and from the past. Also to meet new artists. One goal I have for the show is to find out the classic influences of some of the illustrators there. I suspect I will hear about many Surrealists as well as Renaissance and Pre-Rafaelita painters. I am going to make it a point to research this while I am chatting at the will give me something to do...

Temptation of Saint Anthony by Max Ernst

So what have *you* been looking at lately? Paintings? Beads? Gardens? There are so many things to be inspired by. I am fascinated by what is inspiring people...

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