March 6, 2008

survivors and supporters

So yesterday I was talking about custom orders, and how I only do them in very limited quantities and for special causes. Above is another custom job I did. I designed it last year for the Cancer Crusade. The Cancer Crusade is a great site run by two cancer survivors, and it is intended to help those who are fighting cancer, giving inspiration and hope. There are tons of links and a network of hope for visitors, it is very inspiring. Kathy commissioned this piece and after bouncing ideas and sketches all around, she had a dream or vision of what she wanted and described it to me. She wanted something different than the usual ribbon, something to represent her personal philosophy. I was able to carve the design in my own style and make the molds, and get them into production. This is a large pendant/link that is used to make sets of worry beads, as shown below, which Kathy strings for her customers. The bead is an exclusive design just for Cancer Crusade.
I love the concept of worry beads and prayer beads. I had proposed to teach a class once about worry beads, something where a group of artists could each conceptualize, research, and make a very personal set of them. I still sorta love that idea, I'd love to do something with that again.So speaking of fundraising, I got an email from my new friend Lisa Kan, who is doing the 3 day walk for breast cancer. How awesome is that? She is a strong, brave woman! Check out the below info she sent me, there is a chance to win some of her beautiful lampwork beads. I own some of the ginkos and Haiku beads, and they are incredibly gorgeous!

Sara Hardin (of "Ask Sara" from Softflex Company), her cousin Virginia Barrera, and Lisa Kan make up Team Beadalicious! The three have taken on the mission and challenge of walking three days and 60 miles from November 21-23, 2008 in San Diego. This endeavor supports the Susan G. Komen for the Cure and National Philanthropic Trust, which funds important breast cancer research, education, screening, and treatment.

With your help, the team hopes to show the world what beady folks can do to help a worthy cause. The team hopes to raise $10,000 or more by the time they walk, to not only help those afflicted with breast cancer now, but those that will be diagnosed this year, and those that will unfortunately be afflicted in the future. All donations are tax deductible.Lisa has also offered to send the top five donors by the time she walks, a one of a kind glass bead, just in time for Xmas. You must donate under her name to qualify, so she can track this. Whatever you can afford will be appreciated. So, give up a few Starbuck coffees or a meal out to support this team and the wonderful cause. Please donate to the link below and be as generous as you can.Donate here (link)

Thank you for your support,
Sara, Virginia and Lisa
Team Beadalicious


  1. These are great. I especially like them put together with the beads and other charms. They look very meditative.

  2. your survivor links are wonderful! arms in the air in celebration!

  3. Gaea, Thank you! Well, thanks from Kathy from Cancer Crusade, she made the worry beads. Lovely, aren't they?

    Soochal, Thanks! Kathy envisioned herself celebrating on a beach, and sent me a little sketch of her vision, so I could make it in clay. It makes me happy.