August 22, 2007


I did a little bit of website maintenance today while I answered emails and wrote my other blog post. Some small changes, like putting all the buttons on one page instead of two and I also added two new colors of daisies for a new article that is coming out in the October Simply Beads. The big change is a new page for the Spookyheads, to which I have added the above beads. It's also for the new Simply Beads, for a Halloweeny home decor/gift project that I designed and must admit is very cute. I will show it on the blog soon. I hope to expand on these heads even more, and am more likely to do that now that they have their own page. That's the news here in Earthenwood website land for today...


  1. I didn't even have to read your blog and I got a smile, just from the Spookyheads!

  2. I love the ghosty and zombie bead heads. They're so cute!

  3. Hey thanks! They are fun to make. I want to come up with some new ones too. It's weird thinking aobut Halloween so soon, while it's still so hot out, but its my favorite holiday, so I don't really mind...