August 15, 2007

Out of the Studio

We will be out of the studio for a show the rest of this week. We are travelling to Indianapolis for Gen Con, a sci-fi fantasy gaming convention where Chuck will have a booth in the Artist section. I will have a good time people watching, chatting with gamers and artists, watching the booth, and doing some reading and sketching. It's a little mini vacation for me. We don't own a laptop, so I will not have access to email or the blog unless I happen across an Internet cafe of some sort, which is unlikely, so I hope to use the time away to get some fresh creative ideas.

I have been in a bit of a rut with my beads lately, as you may have noticed by my thoughts here in the blog. I have just been so busy filling orders and production that I haven't made anything NEW in a while, bead wise. So I would love to take this time to ask for suggestions from any of you for new bead ideas. Is there anything you would love to see me make? Any kind of bead or component that you are looking for? What is your fantasy Earthenwood bead? Please feel free to leave a comment, and maybe you will provide a much needed spark of inspiration for me...

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