August 31, 2007

Of Its Glazes, Even

new stoneware tiles, one with red gloss details, 4 inches square

Here are the two tests I did yesterday. I am very pleased! The red dotted one was exactly what I had in my mind, so I am glad it worked out. I am kind of in love with it a little actually. And of course, now I am wondering what other colors I can add in for accents. That might be enough color to make the tiles different without going crazy with all over color, or messing with different stains. And now I think I want to include *color-able* elements into new designs! The color elements have to be spaced around the tiles in a pleasing way so it does not look jarring to have an odd spot of color. I do love the color bits, they are glossy and juicy, like little jewels placed around the tile.

Below, is a picture of the square tile with just the stain, without the glazed areas. Still nice, I think, more simple and earthy. By the way, the stacking did work, as the tile with just stain was fired with the red dotted one set on top, with seemingly no harm to either. Oh, please forgive the wonky photos...I am testing out a new camera that my brother gave me. I am optimistic that it will work better for me, but I have to relearn things, you know?

Again, I would love to hear your comments...
***ps, what's up with the title? This and the last post combined, make the title "The Tile Stripped Bare of its Glazes, Even" which is a play on words of a famous title of an artwork by Dada/Surrealist artist Marcel Duchamp, who I am trying desperately to understand, with not much success. I did find this really fun site, complete with bizarrely animated diagrams of Duchamp pieces: so he is on my mind lately***


  1. I love this - I love the way the red gloss pops in the tile but still makes a cohesive whole with the design overall. Looks fantastic!

  2. Great colors and design! LOVE IT TOO!