August 3, 2007

Midsummer Nights Dream Theme

I am not feeling well today, just a case of the monthlies and not enough sleep last night, so this will be a quick one. Yesterday we announced the August Theme at Art Bead Scene, and it is Midsummer Night's Dream. This is an exciting theme, and I look forward to the entries. I hope to even make something for it myself. I am thinking of fairies, moons, forest imagery, and other dream imagery.

I changed the layout of my Myspace page to fit it a little, although to be honest, I have decided that I really don't enjoy using MySpace, so I may have to stop spending time on it. It always crashes on my computer and it is impossible to do anything. So hard to use too. bleh, I had such high hopes.

Anyway, I was thinking of music that reminded me of this months theme, and I think I will explore that this month, along with my continued research on surrealism. One is a band and the other is an album. I will talk about the band now: The Dream Academy. Now my love for this band is a dead giveaway that I am a hopeless "New Romantic" throwback from the 1980's. I often listen to my old cassettes when I am loading my kiln, as they are dreamy and soothing and calming. (I really need to update and get some on my Ipod) Anyway, I loved the whole Dream Academy package, from the look of the band members in the videos to the whole sound. The lyrics are very intellectual, and the music harmonious and ethereal including woodwinds and strings. Even though it sounds a bit overproduced and overly dramatic at times, I adore it nonetheless. The above video is actually a bit out of the ordinary, because it was not a song written by them, but the Smiths, but I like the video and the music anyway,a nd I think it captures the feel of the band.

Off for a little mid morning nap, maybe I can catch up on some of those dreams I missed last night...

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