August 1, 2007

Lots of new kits and Stringing projects!

Taking a break from my the path of thought I have been on lately...although I have some more things to say about landscape and Max Ernst. I will post about that tomorrow perhaps. Today I have been working hard to get some new kits on the site. I just got my copy of Stringing magazine, the Fall issue, and I am very pleased that I have several designs in it.

This first one is the Terra Treasure necklace. I really like this one. I wanted something kind of casual that used a bunch of charms and had a kind of branchy feeling to it. I think it turned out like I envisioned, and the design can easily be altered by changing the colors or the charms.

This is a matching Terra Trinket bracelet. Just a fun piece with lots of charms and gold accents. I was really enjoying the mix of turquoise and browns when I designed this.

I called this the Autumn Flutter necklace but they changed the name to Speaking Bliss in the magazine. I like the mix of soft suede and the harshness of the chain and the cool porcelain. Lots of neat textures. Here is a matching bracelet called Leaf Flutter.

All of the above pieces were in the Fall Stringing issue. There was also one more bracelet and two pairs of earrings I designed. I also spotted some of my charms in another pair of earrings by another designer, which was cool!

I don't think that I posted about the kits I added to the site over the last couple of weeks, so I will do that here. These two designs were in Simply Beads, August. There are two versions of kits of the Fairy Flight necklace, to fit different budgets, and also the Beachcomber Bracelet Kit shown below.


  1. I love this one!I just emailed you some pix of my bracelets using your beads. Gina Smith