August 25, 2007

Lost in the Stars

Ok, let me see if I can tie these thoughts together this morning. I wanted to write about Elvis Costello and the Brodsky Quartet's 1993 album The Juliet Letters for the end of this month, in conjunction with the Art Bead Scene's monthly theme, which is making me think of Shakespeare. But alas, I can't talk much because the only video I found to show examples with is the one above, which isn't even from the album (although, it is about stars, which suits the Midsummer Night Dream theme well). So I will talk briefly of it tomorrow.

I must say, I am not a big fan of musicals, and know very little of them, but they are popping up lately for me. The video above is Elvis singing Lost in the Stars which is a song from a musical of the same name. What a sad song, of loneliness and abandonment. Beautifully performed. The theme makes me think a little of the film Stardust, which we saw with a group of friends late one night at GenCon after the show. I have a clip below of the trailer. It is from a Neil Gaiman novella, and it made for a very entertaining movie. It's about a star that falls from the sky, who becomes a girl, and a boy who seeks her and the adventures they have getting home (in a huge nutshell). Its a love story mostly, very sweet, actually. It was very dream like and fairy tale like, and had me thinking the rest of the weekend of fairy tales: of heroes, heroines, villains, witches, pirates, and princesses. And then at the show, I realized that these themes are all around me, in the works of people that I know and admire most. It has lead to a bit of an epiphany: the seed of inspiration for my next series of work that I was hoping to find while at Gen Con. I am still mulling over and visualizing the details, but I hope to start talking about it soon on the blog...


  1. I am embarrassed that I am not more familiar with him...everyone I know seems to love him. But I am not a big reader...I need to change that. The movie was a good start, though.

  2. You should check out his blog. It's witty, well-written, and just plain good. Cynthia and I are hooked on phonics.