August 29, 2007

Looking back, and under, and through

Above are three old acorn tiles, from the glaze series I did before the last fully glazed series I just recently discontinued. These were done with stoneware clay and actual glazes, pained on and rubbed off. I really enjoyed the effects, usually, but the glazes were temperamental. I think my newest series is going to have this same feel, with the bare clay and contrasting glaze/stain, but I am simplifying. I will show a picture of the new direction soon.

Well, yesterday's real life issues have crept into today, and the plumbing problem has turned out to be a major one. They came in with a camera snake thing yesterday and discovered that an old septic tank in the yard is interfering with the plumbing and drainage. I don't understand why it wasn't removed when the city plumbing came in, but that was way before our time. Ah, The joys of an old house. So the front yard of the Earthenwood residence will be torn up and the tank removed. It will be an unpleasant and costly day, to be sure. But we have known this day would probably come for a long time, so it is not a shock at least.

So alas, I am not up for much posting today. I will continue with my justifications to myself for making tile again tomorrow. I also am scheming up a Labor Day sale this weekend. I do not have sales often, to be honest. What a coincidence that it comes at the same time we are having major house repairs done! Yes, we can celebrate the labor of the plumbing team that will be toiling in the hot sun today by putting things on sale! How appropriate! So if you are interested, join our mailing list and we will be sending out a newsletter in the next couple of days


  1. Sorry to hear about your plumbing issues. That's awful! I really love those tiles - can't wait to see your new direction.

  2. Melanie,
    I LOVE the acorn tiles...the colors, the feel of them! I was thinking about females in folklore again. You could use selkies! Those creature who are seals but change into women? I think the men usually try to keep them as women versus seals by stealing their sealskins away from them, which prevents them from transforming back into a seal and living in the sea.
    You might have written about this earlier. If so, sorry for the repeat!
    Molly S.

  3. Stef,
    Thanks for hearing our tale of woe! Just a little bit of feelign sorry for ourselves and then time to move on...

    Thanks also, I am excited aobut the tiles!

  4. Molly,
    ooh, I am unfamiliar with selkies...I will have to look them up. Water imagery is a bonus! I got a bood yesterday on women in folklore from the library...maybe they are in there.

    Thanks for the comment!

  5. Ooh, selkies! A friend of mine actually wrote a fantasy-romance type book about selkies. It's called _Seal Island_ and it's by Kate Brallier. It has the whole stealing-the-sealskin thing in it, just as Molly S. describes...